Sunday, February 4, 2018

2013_02_18_FEB Prison and Glowing Finger Points to Change

© February 2018 Ari Stone All Rights Reserved

Between February 18-25, 2013


I was in some kind of prison compound as a seeming prisoner.  It felt like I was “new” but had been there a long time. Then I realized it was the shift in energies that made it new.

Myself and the other prisoners were let outside for our recess type break.  There were hundreds of others.

It was time.

The sign had been given.  There was a man in the prison who had been making a 5 page book of nude images of himself over the course of the past 5 days, likely Gorik as a man.

I rose up in the air, in my flowing white robe and began to speak another language to summon even greater powers.  This wasn’t the first time I had raised up like this and many others had seen me do this before.  

My right index finger brightened and light shone forth from it.  

I floated down pointing.  People were afraid of being pointed out as I would be pointing out those who’d performed evil acts on others.  Prisoners cleared the area I was near.  But, the prisoners mostly needn't worry about being pointed out; it was the controllers, prison keepers, and prison guards who needed to fear.  

I floated with my pointing glowing finger past a prison record keeper lady in a small box-prison-guard-station.  She was relieved.  

I floated inside the main prison keeper building being guided by my glowing finger. 

Then my finger stopped and pointed at a woman with the name tag “Carrie” who felt like an accountant for this (likely) ICC prison camp system.  I expected her to be engulfed in light, instead my finger stopped glowing.  I was surprised.  I had expected the entire prison camp to be enveloped in white light and everyone and everything to be transmuted and changed instantly.  I realized immediately the plan had been changed and the counsel on high had ordered it, as the prison keepers and evil doers  were waking up on their own accord and starting to have empathy, compassion, and remorse for all their wrongs committed. Carrie was an example showing they were waking up on their own accord.

Carrie spoke up now, “Me . . . Again?.” I’d pointed her out the week prior.

(See ICC Prison Escape with my Twin Flame - )

I said, “Why did you do that?” inferring about having taken the baby boy Gorik. She was having remorse for her wrong and cared about what she had done to hurt him as a baby and was now trying to make amends.   She took me over to a 5 page book it seemed to be the same 5 page book with the man’s naked images inside it.  She told me she had to take the baby and his yellow crochet blanket because she was forced by what seemed like 5 guerilla terrorist men wearing red. She said they would have killed her had she not taken the child.  She was very scared and worried about what I might do to her.

I looked intently at her and felt great compassion for her and would allowing her the chance to do good by me and the baby . . . who was now a man. . .

© February 2018 Ari Stone All Rights Reserved

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