Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018_03_18_MAR 'SSP' GUYS and STORM I BREW

2018_03_18_MAR  'SSP' GUYS and STORM I BREW

I found myself at a college-like campus inside one of the campus dorm rooms. I was dealing with a rather unruly and rude group of people.  Actually, most seemed ok, but there were a handful of jerk troublemakers.  They weren’t too severe, more the typical emotional-abuser-bully types, the kind who are used to emotionally abusing others to get their way.

I went outside to where a crowd of about 100 people were and decided I was tired of the bully types running things, so I decided to use my magik.   There was one guy in particular who was being a total jerk.  He was fairly handsome and used to having his way.  But, I was done with his type running the show.

I spoke very loudly and clearly to the crowd of people. My voice boomed out.  I was very pleased by this.  The bully guys wanted to shut me up.   My voice energies were a beautiful blue light verging on purple-blue.  As I spoke, I confounded the bullies and was now going to show my powers.  One of the male bullies ran at me and tried to attack me to force me to shut up and be quiet.  I simply used my magik to deflect him.  Another guy also tried to lung at me, who reminded me of Patrik.  I had a little bit of trouble deflecting him, but then I spoke my language somewhat angrily at him and scolded him very badly, speaking my language and his all at the same time.  I was angry with him for his abusive-bully foolishness and I let him know just how utterly disgusted and done I was with his type treating me and other so poorly.  He was now crumpling to the floor. A one, two, or three, of the female bullies came running at me now, accusing me of all kinds of things I didn’t do. 

I flew up into the air leaving the girls down below, as they continued to throw out false verbal accusations at me.  I then made a huge storm come in with very dark clouds and thunder and lightning, with my voice continuing to boom out.  They all looked, watched, and listened, some in fear.  I spoke loudly in my language and then in their language, as though to interpret for them.

I came back down to the ground and growl warned anyone who came near me to behave themselves and watch it!  I went into a smaller room now with 20 to 30 people or so inside and I spoke very loudly, so those outside could hear me too.  Some were very afraid.

I stayed the storm.

I said, “You see my magik abilities and powers now! I can do that and SO MUCH MORE!  I could do great damage and destruction to you all . . . do you know why I do not?   A girl shyly answered, “because you don’t want to hurt us?” She reminded me of the little bully girl I dealt with in another dream. I said, “That is exactly correct and these powers cannot be used for harm anyways.  Though I can use them for protective and preventative measures and to bend the will of other’s around my own.  That is to say, those who choose to interfere with my life, I may directly interfere with theirs because they have given me permission.  It matters not to me if they interfere with my life in Waking 3D Life or in soul-spirit realms.  It matters not to me the ‘where’.”

Some more Super Stealth Program guys tried to run at me again.  One felt like Ken, but was appearing as a younger version of himself, he was trying to shoot me.  I somewhat angrily used my magik to energy wrap him and his negative energy bullet and proceeded to severely scold-chide him, “We both already know how foolish that is and how that won’t work on me.” Then, I somewhat rudely pushed him aside to let him know he was still acting like a foolish idiot. 

Now another guy tried to come at me, with Duke energy. He was trying to conjure his behemoth snake again. I boomed out loudly and somewhat angrily dissipated the creature he was trying to form and I scolded him, “IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SPECIES A THING OR PERSON IS AND  shame on you for using a poor snake and his species in such a vile way!!!  I then blew him back with chi energies from my hands, like I did with the intruders in the glass house dream. . . then . . . I left the room.

Now Gorik came up to me and was trying to bully me.  He was accusing me of being some kind of “kitten” or some type of “tiger” or some kind of “sex crazed animal.”  At first I spoke to him softly, he wasn’t listening.  I tried a second time softly, he still wasn’t listening.  Then, I grabbed him and very loudly and directly into his face I said, “I AM A DRAGON! A BIG, LARGE, ROYAL WHITE DRAGON!” He didn’t fully believe me and even scoffed at me. “You have seen me utilize my form somewhat and Patrik has seen me fully in it!  I am here to fix and change things and I already have!”  He was now trying to grab at me and hit me, just like he did in the soul cleanse dream where he couldn’t hit me and he became exhausted trying, but he was right up next to me and I said, “We both know you can’t do anything to me that way . . . grow up already and get a clue.”  He kept trying and I walk-push shoved him away and back.  I then somewhat angrily energy wrapped him in a sphere and continued to speak my language.  He was starting to believe me some, though he was extremely arrogant still. He continued to be very close to me.  His energies now shifted through an array of other peoples’ energies I knew and that he reminded me of.  I told him he had to be himself now to speak with me.  I continued to display my powers to what was becoming a growing crowd of people.  Gorik was starting to believe more because he couldn’t thwart me or negative energy affect me. He also knew I meant what I said and that I meant business with my Twin Flame . . . because I said so. 

The fear was dwindling and bullies were getting the message and starting to stop their bad behaviors.