Sunday, November 18, 2018



About 4:26am

© 2018 All Rights Reserved Ari Stone

I was walking in some kind of mall-like space, that was a factory future tech warehouse.  A princess lived here.  She was to take over after her mother, the Queen.

There were two seats situated directly across from each other.  They were connected with what looked like eight fiber optic looking cables that were thin like guitar strings.  The chairs were about thirty feet apart and the princess was sitting in one of them.  I went and sat in the other.  This place seemed to be her kingdom, yet I had more power.  She felt to be a little jealous of me and said, “Why do you even have to be here?”  But, she was open minded to looking and listening some. I could see the wheels turning in her head; she thought I might be there to usurp her power.   Then, she quickly realized I didn’t care about that.  She saw how interested I was in things and how I enjoyed my life and simple pleasures.  She wanted to be able to do that.  But, she wasn’t exactly sure how.  So she was ok with letting me sit in the other chair because I wasn’t there to usurp her.

I began to fiddle with the fiber optics at both our feet, that connected my chair area (like a Queen’s throne) to her Princess Icy rocky area.  Her area was similar to the Disneyland’s Matterhorn Abominable snowman area.  As I was adjusting a fiber optic string, it broke.  The Princess was a little mad at me for that and said, “Fine, you want to break and remove one of mine, then here, I’m gonna break and remove one of yours.”   I hadn’t done it on purpose.  But, it broke like things did at this one person’s house I stayed in for a month.  Where I would just touch something and it would fall apart or break.  I decided I didn’t want to explain it, so I replied, “I didn’t mean to and I’ll certainly look to see if I can fix or replace it. She now threw over a string at me that she had removed to no longer be connected to the chair on her side.  I again told her I didn’t do it on purpose.  I began to look around me to see if I could tie the string I accidentally broke back onto my side.  I found the other part of the string and tried to pull it back to my side to tie it together and it was way too short.  I wondered how it had ever connected to my side in the first place.

The fiber optic cable in my hand suddenly transformed into a foot long shaft, about one inch in diameter. It was similar to a fiber optic lamp I used to have, where the fiber optic insert section had hundreds of fiber optics fronds joined at their base tips.  This foot long piece in my hand didn’t have as many bristles as the one I used to have, but it still was very tightly packed and had a lot of them.   The Princess softened as she realized I was genuine and hadn’t meant to break the cord.  She was talking to me the entire time. I walked over to the piece of fiber optic on her side.  She remained seated on her throne.  There two fiber optic Cockatoos at the base of her throne, one was missing its tail.  I got the Princess to stop talking and listen to me for a moment and said, “I’m sorry, there just wasn’t a spot over there by me to hook this into (inferring the fiber optic piece in my hand) and you should have this back and use it as the tail on your second fiber optic Cockatoo bird.”    The Cockatoo area at the base of the throne was set up like a mini shrine.   I leaned down and placed the fiber optic piece into the bird’s tail spot.  The birds were both sort of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland vibe.

The Princess now fully realized I was completely genuine and sincere and that I had no desire to usurp her power, so she softened even more towards me.  She even seemed to want to help me and be my friend now.  She stopped talking in ‘cutting’ ways to me now, and was actively trying to get along with me.  She reminded me of the ‘Evil Queen’ from Once Upon A Time when she had softened and became a good guy.  She felt to be helping me energetically and she began to look for another fiber optic to connect back to my side again.   I told her, “It’s ok, if it works out and you find one, great.  If not, that’s ok too. I’ll be grateful either way and appreciate you looking.”  

There was someone else in the room, reminding me of the man I bought my Spark car from.  I was then briefly in the dealership having a conversation about sales and cars with our former fleet guy.  We had a whole conversation about sales and selling things.  He wanted to help me, as I told him sales was not my best skill. Lol



I was with a small group of people and a guy who reminded me of a family friend from my childhood named Jim Berry.  He wanted to partner up with me.  He was about 40 years old. 

I had just been with another group and that group had two bad (evil-ish) witches leading it.  Then, the group voted for a good witch to head the school(?).  The good witch then asked me for assistance and to give her advice while she was in front of about 100 students. A super snobby girl, like Ethel in the Worst Witch, was saying how she wanted the two bad-evil witched to lead again.  I nipped that in the bud right away and stated, “No way.  No thank you!”  Those two witches were abusive and pedophile-like and were.

The good witch was speaking and asking the seemingly all-girls school about something.  Then, she asked if how she was doing it was fine.  I told her, yes.

All the class groups headed outside to the river area.  The water was ICY cold looking.  We were all either going to get in or simply follow it on the river bank downstream.  The two bad witches now threatened to do stuff.  I looked at them both with my ‘Seriously’ look.  Both of them were trying to hook into me ethereally, through trying to get me to feel sorry for them or to let them energetically feed through empathy.  Instead I replied, “Sorry girls . . . ” (Not really ‘sorry,’  but more a ‘sorry’ try on their part. Lol) “ . . . I have zero empathy or concern for anyone like you two anymore.  I couldn’t care less about either of you or what happens to you.  Your kind/type now gets to reap the results (rewards) of your own actions and I feel absolutely nothing for you regarding your own results, because too many others before you have ruined it for your kind.  So I have zero empathy for you.  Compassion . . . yes. Empathy or emotion. . . NO.”  They were a little taken aback, cause they were used to manipulating and feeding off of others that way and learned instantly that wasn’t going to work with me.  So not they were threatening to poison the water and to take Billy (my old favorite black cat) from me.  I rolled my eyes at them, indicating them nothing more than unskilled children with nothing to offer me or the other girls. The Ethel-like snob girl was near us and being supportive of their idiocy, but considering to switch sides because the evil witches were no longer in power nor were they the most powerful.

The two evil witches were now saying the water was being poisoned somewhere further up the river way, more towards source and like only they knew where it was and how to stop that.  I replied, “I doubt that.” to them being the only ones who could or would stop it.  They were agitated they couldn’t ruffle my feathers or rile me up.

The good witch leader now instructed some of the girls to get into the water and just go with the flow down the river.  The water did seem to have something virus like in the stream (Flu? Nanobots?) that’d give them some kind of contaminant and age them, leading to a slow death.  Like they would blacken over time and their body parts would slowly die off that way.  But, for now, everyone looked fine and unaffected.

I got in briefly and told everyone to cross their legs, so as not to ‘romance the stone’ and then  I went down stream with them a little ways and then got back out of the water.  The two naughty-evil witches were at the spot I got out and were saying “We’d never get into the water because its poisoned” and then they threatened with something else, that was a hand sized and box-like device.  It looked sort of like the power box to a sublimation printer; they were threatening they’d do something with it.  The box felt to be red, white, blue, and black.  It seemed like a ticking time bomb made of metal, like a robot.  I replied, “Oh please, you have got to be kidding me.”  I said it in a very  ‘you guys are such idiots’ tone. They were still trying to get an emotional rise out of me.   I knew they couldn’t hurt me, but I still had to keep an eye out for the new nice head mistress and the girls.

The evil witches were very frustrated to not get an emotional reaction response from me.  So, they now offered to help locate the problem at the source.  Like it had something to do with a pink trim and a three layers and tiered white birthday cake.  I replied, “Yeah, sure, whatever, that’d be nice.  But, I won’t believe you until after I see it’s done.  Basically, as far as I’m concerned you guys are completely useless, unless I see action first, your words mean absolutely nothing at all to me.”  They were now trying to do things the right way, but only because they had no effect on me and thereby were out of power and wanted some semblance of power back. 

I was going to continue to keep an eye on them, as it wasn’t like they’d ‘changed.’  They had been left with a choice alternative that doing the wrong thing was liked less, so they opted to do the ‘right’ thing and to at least give the illusion of doing something right in hopes to regain their power again.  But, that wasn’t gonna happen.  They were lousy ‘people’ (beings) and they were still looking for ways to be naughty and wreak havoc.  



 (C) 2018 All rights reserved Ari Stone

I found myself in a very high security building structure.  It was so large, it qualified as vast.  There were many stories and rooms, similar to a San Francisco building that covered an entire city block.  It was extremely fancy, modern, sleek, and very Intel Silicone valley style.   

I snuck in now through their alarm systems by becoming invisible and passed through their walls and was now inside.  I was checking things out for fun.  I was also curious about what they do inside.  I was also there to throw a monkey wrench in their gears by proving (by way of showing) how flawed their systems were.

I flew and floated around inside . . . and . . . got spotted!  Oh . . . They did not like my being there!!! (lol)  They wanted to nab me BIG TIME! One very boss-like guy wanted to nab me in particular and bring me in for questioning.  He sent ALL his security guards after me!  But, only one or two at a time per building section.  Reminding me of the ICC prison escape dream. 

The security guards were trying all sorts of things and just as they would get near me . . . I’d pass through the floors to the lower level, or go through the walls to the next room, or fly up and through the ceiling to the room above.  They were getting very frustrated!  (lol)  They got close a few times to nabbing me, even almost touching me, but, then, I’d pass through something and a new guy would have to follow me from the new section area I entered. 

There was a main ‘Smith’ style agent after me, that reminded me of the Mafia Son guy chasing after me dream.  He was determined to catch me!  He always seemed to be following me with the one or two other security officers, possibly one of them was Duke.  The Mafia Son guy was radioing in and doing all kinds of things to try to corner me.

I now entered a room with a huge pool that was lined with lovely windows to let in the sunlight.  I seemed to get into the water and did a back float for a minute and them a forward breast stroke.  The Mafia guy entered the pool room.  He was attracted to me, but trying to stay focused. He got into the pool water with me and began to swim toward me and was very close, almost touching me.  He radioed his men to be in all the surrounding rooms.  He had gotten wise to my wall-pass-through-game some and now he had men in every surrounding room ready to nab me.  The Mafia Guy was now just about  to touch me and at the last second . . .  I passed through the walls to the outside of the building!

I was outside now floating in the air and decided to go back inside, guess I hadn’t caused enough mayhem yet. (lol)  So, I went back near the Mafia Guy and then went invisible again and passed into the wall.  I knew he had men in the rooms on the other side of the wall, so I just stayed inside the wall, seemingly as ‘one’ with the wall. 

I now moved around the building through the walls as if a ‘spirit.’  (I was somehow reminded of the dream where mama Earth wanted to marry couples.)  I then moved around inside the floors.  They couldn’t find me but, they knew where I was! (lol)   They were always hot on my tail but could never quite seem to catch me.   I thought of my shapeshifting for my animal prisoner sanctuary love dream.

I became visible and entered a large atrium now and wondered if this was the atrium I cleaned the ceiling of, in another dream, using magik.  The security men came in and still wanted to nab me.  I flew up toward the ceiling just out of reach of their hands, barely above their fingertips and so close I could almost feel their fingertips touching me . . . but not quite.  

Then, I went invisible again.

I flew over to a balcony area and decided I better leave before they sent everyone in the building and caught me. (lol)  I was like a spry faery to them.  Zip-zip-zing-zing . . . here-there. . .  GAH! . . . everywhere . . . nowhere . . . they were frustrated . . .  trying so hard! So close! And yet . . . no banana’s . . . lol!

I passed through the window, on one of the uppermost floors of the skyscraper building and was outside floating in the air.  It seemed to be night.  The guards now turned on the yellow searchlight beams to get me. (lol)  I noted their prison guard fences and barbed wire.  It seemed they might emitted a tall beam upwards toward space; reminding of the CERN mesh metal capture nets; and as though the beam to space could be used to keep me in.  But, I wasn’t worried I knew I’d be ok and find my way out.  I figured, the ‘beam’ was probably just another lie and not a real thing anyways.  Just another story they told of something like, ‘the beam shot way up to the moon and back.’ It was possible Saturn might have been involved somehow as well.  I was reminded of the Mirror World dream where I unsealed the room that the announcer inside the boring little room was trying to convince me I would be trapped inside forever and after a few minutes I decided I was board and leaving and so I spoke my language and unsealed the door and left..

This CERN vibe building also reminded of the CERN building dream with the fans on the rooftop and by extension Terry Perry and the vortex delivery systems and how there were two versions of her.

Three or four birthdays also seemed involved, with one being my own.