Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Titanium Meteorite of the type 3 Star?

I have come across some unusual type 'rocks' that I believe to be raw Titanium Meteorite. I have a partial lab report (of un-sliced and un-etched pieces) that says based on the first series of tests the following:

"With the one piece I felt had the best promise, I conducted two tests. the first test I ran was using Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS). It showed large amounts of iron, and when combined with the oxygen in the analysis comprised about 80% of the rock. The other component of unusual significance is titanium. Aluminum is also present. The second test I conducted was using X-Ray Diffractometry (XDR) which assists in determining the mineralogy of the sample. Here magnetite (an Iron Oxide) showed up as the predominant mineral with ilminite (Iron-Titanium Oxide) showed up as significant mineral in the sample. these are commonly found in iron ores. One would need to know how extensive this material is, and what its provenance is.

Hate to burst your hopes, but these look like terrestrial ore minerals. One of the samples, which seems to have lower density, appears to be integrally associated with what appears to be a modified sandstone. The surfaces of the pieces you sent do not have typical "flow" patterns I have seen in iron type meteorites either. If these were found in the Antarctic ice sheet, one would have to be careful, but I suspect they came from a provinence dominated by volcanics or metamorphic rocks.

That's my opinion. Will finalize the reports on the samples shortly."

Based on this partial testing of the "rock" sent, I can say they were NOT found in a volcanic region...not even close.

I find it interesting that it is indicated, these rocks would probably be classified as meteorites if they had been found in the Antarctic. However, they were not found there. Also, more common meteorites have Nicle in them, these however seem to have Titanium instead. Titanium has a much higher melting point than nickle; which would account for the seeming lack of normal "flow" patterns on the outside of the specimen, as is seen on most meteorites. I have also been informed that the type 3 star, has Titanium in it. So, this could be from a type 3 star.

I have attached images of a couple of the 'rocks' below.

The elongated "Titanium Meteorite" has been sliced (from the main rock) and has been etched.

The below images (shaped more like Arizona) are of a "Titanium Meteorite" that has NOT been etched.

So this is another interesting anomoly. In my searches, it seems that the Widmanstatten pattern comes out 'only' (not sure if it is only...may not be) once a meteorite is etched. However, these have strong patterning even before any etching or buffing. Check out this link http://www.arizonaskiesmeteorites.com/AZ_Skies_Links/Etched_Meteorites/index.html and scroll down to "UNIQUE, NEW Anomalous IID NEA 002 For Sale" and click on the image. The pattern on my "Titanium Meteorite seems similar to this one. If you click on this link (Or just directly link to it here http://www.arizonaskiesmeteorites.com/AZ_Skies_Links/NEA_002/index.html , it shows more that are similar in patterning as well.

I am hoping someone can show me something more about what kind of rock this is, and/or to help me determine if its a meteorite and if not . . . what is it?. All relevant information is greatly welcomed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Freeman on the Land

I was unable to get the video to post correctly, so please visit youtube directly to watch this video.


This is a great starting point video. In a nut shell, your birth certificate is the "Security of the Person" mentioned in the Bill of Rights. It is a share in the government corporation (you are unwittingly a member) and is worth approximately 10-15 million or so. With it you can claim your shares in the corporation (to me it is the United States of America...and I am wondering if it is (or soon will be) the North American Union) which is a stock dividend and may be worth 400-800k per year. However, to actually have the rights to this bond you must first file a UCC-1 form and reclaim your 'strawman' (your name in UPPER CASE LETTERS). I am still learning more about this process and have not performed it yet myself. However, to learn more about the strawman reclaiming process you may also read Mary Elizabeth: Croft's work titled "How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-confinscatory agency known to man". I will post more when I learn more and have more to share.