Tuesday, September 3, 2013


STEMTECH! YAY!!! Hey all . . . WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER? . . .ha! me too! SO . . .I recently started taking StemTech products (only about 6 days ago) and I already notice feeling more energy, more emotionally balanced, happier, more youthful and stronger. The products use Stem Cells and is the real deal and actually WORKS!. you can visit my site with the company at http://alyssam.stemtechbiz.com/ I have used ALL kinds of other things (that I have liked too BUT) that don't have as great an impact for as great a price as the STEM CELL (STEMTECH) products. I am not a sales person, so I don't care if you join the company or not in my downline (though if you do ... please sign up under me ! ) , but I wanted everyone to know about it as its a great product and well worth investing in your health with something that works and will help keep you looking and feeling younger longer! BeachBody charges about $150 for a one month supply of Shakeology! Whereas with StemTech you can get the bare minimum of what your body needs monthly for between $100 - $150 (1 or 2 bottles of SE2 and 1 bottle StemFlo). You can read scientific reports at the site and about the products there too. I am still learning, so can't offer too much info at this time on the technical, but I can say I LOVE IT thus far and am looking forward to how I feel 3-6 months from now. Also been told it will get rid of varicose veins! yay!

UPDATE 6/26/2016
I have not been taking StemTech regularly for some years now. While it was nice at the time, I've discovered other things that work better via natural eating habits. Currently, I eat 3 superfoods twice per day and continue to stick with a NON-GMO, No-soy, and organic diet. Doing this has increased my energy 10 fold. More details to be posted later. :)