Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Freeman on the Land

I was unable to get the video to post correctly, so please visit youtube directly to watch this video.

This is a great starting point video. In a nut shell, your birth certificate is the "Security of the Person" mentioned in the Bill of Rights. It is a share in the government corporation (you are unwittingly a member) and is worth approximately 10-15 million or so. With it you can claim your shares in the corporation (to me it is the United States of America...and I am wondering if it is (or soon will be) the North American Union) which is a stock dividend and may be worth 400-800k per year. However, to actually have the rights to this bond you must first file a UCC-1 form and reclaim your 'strawman' (your name in UPPER CASE LETTERS). I am still learning more about this process and have not performed it yet myself. However, to learn more about the strawman reclaiming process you may also read Mary Elizabeth: Croft's work titled "How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-confinscatory agency known to man". I will post more when I learn more and have more to share.

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