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My Magik Light Up Crystals 3.29.17 dream - emailed to SBA on 6.15.17 - shows the cleanup being done regarding naughty groups at the higher energetic levels and connects with Dr Michael Salla’s MJ12 article as published 6.16.17 and Robert David Steele PhiBetaIota articles:

“A new leaked Majestic-12 document was released on June 14 which describes a variety of extraterrestrial related encounters with humanity.”

Salla, Michael. “New Majestic Documents Reveals US Diplomatic Reveals US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials.” 16 Jun. 2017. Web. 16 Jun. 2017 Public Intelligence Blog. 2 July. 2017. Web. 2 July. 2017.

Wikipedia Majestic 12  info:

“In UFO conspiracy theories, Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.”

“Majestic 12" Wikipedia. 18 Jan. 2018. Web. 11 Feb. 2018.


Most important for me to know right now.


I am a very powerful being of light.  Babanoosh, Caranesh . . .

I was on a mansion of sorts.  It felt like a competition was occurring among fake ‘witches’ and players, pretending they had powers they didn’t.

I was at home, only it was a mansion.  My 9-year-old daughter’s friends, Lindsey and Danilla, had come over to visit.  I forgot they were visiting and went looking for the girls all around the house.  I finally discovered them in a large fancy TV room with a fancy black piano.   All the girls had their sleeping bags out on the floor, ready for a sleepover.
Danilla began to speak to me, telling me a dark entity was scaring her.  I told her to transmute it into something she liked instead.  All she had to do was send light through it.
To help her feel better, we all got up and walked out of the room to talk some more at the western style mini bar area.

Dani wasn’t sure how to transmute things.  I told her, “Just blow all the love and light through it you can possibly imagine.”  She tried visualizing and said, “like this?”  I could see the dark energy she was afraid of.  She didn’t believe she could do it because she wasn’t a ‘witch’ like me.  So, she failed to transmute it, her first try.  I encouraged her, assuring her that she could do it.  She visualized the light transmutation a second time, this time believing in herself.  I said, “Yeah, like that.”  This time she was successful.  She gave me a huge smile followed by a very big hug and a thank you.  Lindsey and Lexi had just been watching.  Lexi commented that she could do it some too.

Then, I walked off to another section of the mansion . . .

I came across an odd bike.  It had four legs (like a table) that snapped into a single row on a stationary base.  It looked more like a motorcycle with a rail that the wheels snapped into like roller blades.

A young man was watching me that seemed to like me.  He was attractive.  I wasn’t looking to hook up, but was open to the potential, if it arose.  He began to tell me how to snap it in and out from the base.  I already knew and was doing it for the second time now.  For a brief moment, he felt a little silly trying to tell me how to do something I already knew how to do.  However, he was glad to offer me assistance and advice when I needed to line up the wheels and snap them into place when off the stationary base.  We finished snapping the bike into place in the single file motorcycle like rail from off the base.  I got on and peddled out by the pool.

Now there were chemtrails overhead with nano-bots in them.  I saw a TV weather news report saying the nano-bots were in the chemtrails and had been released and activated in everyone to take control of them.  Immediately I energetically ‘checked’ myself.  I felt like me, still having full control.

I continued riding my bike outside the church-like mansion doors and around the rest of the rectangular, freshwater pool.

I was on my way to where the main competition was being held and where all the competitors were gathering.  I already knew a number of them were corrupted and others were taken over by the nano-bots.  I was on my way to correct this situation.

I entered the large practice atrium where some of the competitors were and got off my bike.  The darkened room lit up with my presence.  The main competition was to take place in the adjoining atrium.

I pulled out two very long rows of magically linked up crystals (like ropes) and held one in each of my hands.  Each rope was made up of 15 - 22 crystals magically linked together with seeming gaps of space between each crystal. The crystals reminded me of a handful of my extra special Waking 3D Life crystals like my Lemurian Rainbow Light Bridge, Atlantean Seed Crystal, John of God crystal, and my two military supercut ZPMs; each crystal in the rows was beautiful and perfectly cut.  The crystal-rope in my left hand glowed a deep sky blue and the one in my right hand glowed a beautiful green. They felt like strong and powerful whips in my hands and extended around 5 feet in length.  They hover-floated in the air with my hands holding onto the ends.  I thought and pointed them up, to test them.  They were currently each knotted once forming a loose circular loop.  I flew up gently into the air, with no pressure on my joints or weight on any of my body.

I overheard ego competitors arrogantly proclaiming they had magik when they largely had none amongst all of them, minus a few with very juvenile age level skills likened to a 7-year-old but even less adept.

I continued to test-whip-motion the crystals as if two reigns guiding a horse pulling a sleigh, saying “giddy up, let's go.”  The crystals lifted up even higher now and I began speaking my language and eliminating bad-evil competitors in the practice area, one by one.  Few competitors noticed anything at all, at first. Most of the competitors in this atrium were more energetically present than physical with the exception of 8 or 9.  I picked off the more ethereal aspects of 2 or 3 with the crystals.  More competitors began to look at me now and were curious about what I was doing.  I said, “Here follow me and see a real demonstration of proper powers when welded correctly for the highest good of all.”  I let the crystals guide me gently back down to the floor.  I had only revealed a fraction of what I was yet to do in the main competition area, keeping my proverbial cards close to my chest.

I walked out of the practice atrium and into the main competition atrium.  It felt dark at first, then it lit up at my presence as I entered allowing me to see.

I now spoke loudly and clearly to all the teams in the atrium and a red team off in the distance still on their way in.  I began telling them what I was about to do and if they wanted to see someone with real powers they needed to listen up, observe, watch, and learn.  I did not share my secrets.

I heard mutterings in the crowd about the crystals I was welding. They were saying that no one had been able to weld those crystals before me.  Many had tried over the course of the years, but the whips would stay limp like a necklace.  However, with me holding them they glowed and came to life.  

Internally, I knew it was the connection of my spirit with the essences of the crystals, along with my will and belief that gave us power.  I felt that the crystals also had a say in this as well.  Therefore, we worked in perfect agreement and harmony.
It was time.

I thought-felt-directed, “Up” and the crystals untangled from the large loop knot I had ensured leaving in when using them in the practice atrium.  The crystal ropes straightened up causing me to glide up with them as they glowed with power in their respective blue and green colours.

I looked up at the atrium ceiling and saw 12 huge flags placed in grid-rows of 3 by 4. Each flag represented a team. There were stars in a circle on one flag.  Another was green with white stars.  I began speaking my language and then very specific words.  As I said each word, I rose up toward the flags.  As I called out each “team name”, their flag disappeared from the rows.  They’d been eliminated for cheating, being evil, and not playing fair.  I continued to rise up and call off Greek (?) team names.  The names came out of me and rolled off my lips as though old familiar names.  I called off five different names, like Beta Mu Upsilon and other names, and five different flags disappeared from gameplay.

Evil players were cowering and trying to hide unnoticed in the shadows.  There were maybe about 3 more teams to call out.  2 of those 3 were highly likely to be called out, the 3rd potentially questionable.  The few other remaining teams had been largely ignorant of all the cheating, evil, and controlling ways of the others to this point.  Some had noticed and were so glad and relieved like the ‘chosen one’ was finally there.  Like I was Arthur or something having pulled Excalibur from the stone.  I replied to their thoughts, “What would I do with a sword? Go stab, knife, or slice this guy or that guy? Then, when done just set it aside or go on about how great I was for knifing and slicing others?  NOOOooooo way . . . . this is WAY BETTER . . .”  I indicated the crystals and instead removing evil players from gameplay and then placing them in a soul holding quarantine tank, for proper handling and cleansing later was better.

I thought of the cigar type ships I've been on.

After eliminating the 5th and possibly 6th evil-bad team, I woke up.  


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