Tuesday, February 6, 2018

NO Solar Flash (pt2)? . . . here's why. . .

More detail on why I don't believe in a #solarflash

The whole solar flash thing is really about division and separation.

Here's why, to my understanding a solar flash is about splitting the timelines and creating (once again, the time loop of duality) those supposedly of the light banishing those of the dark. 

Now, I don't know about you... but logically, this is also in complete contradiction with the often next tandem claimed belief...."we are all one." 

Simply put,  if we are "all one" as they say and all about "unity,"  then who does it make sense to, to be so eager to banish 1/2 their body into some other reality and timeline abyss. How will continuing to divide "the one body" ever create the "unified one body" they speak of? 

I think these spiritual teachers have great sounding words (talk) that we are all one, but they need to recognize that division and separation will never be unity no matter how much they want to peddle it as such.

Those truly of love and light understand the light is about sharing.  It is not a weapon to threaten others with. It is a tool for healing of the self and others. It is a gift and it is to be shared.

So, I do not believe in a solar flash.... at least not in the way spiritual-religious teachers are trying to push it onto humanity as being love and unity while the truth they are promoting is division and separation.

In my dreams I work with vast amounts of light and I use it to heal (love) the darkest and scariest of entities and beyond. It is never used to be cruel, abusive, or threatening.

I have also experienced (in another dream) what others might call #ascension (solar flash). In the dream I dissolved into and became one with the aethers. During that experience I realized that raising my vibration was necessary because it was such incredible ecstasy of pure love, that my physical form would have likely exploded from the sheer glory of it had I not raised my vibration to be more of a match with the energies prior to the merging.  

I had merged with the aethers to teleport between two places in the blink of an eye. The soul of the being in the dream with me and holding my hands, didn't even know I'd left and returned.

Real light understands the dark is also a part of itself and for true #unity to be achieved the only "selection" of who gets the light should be.... Everyone...

The light of love is for everybody and everything,  this is true Unity.

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