Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Thought - 2016_08_12_AUG Gorik Drunk - I Drive - Ray Gun Portals Built By Off World Kids


Yes, this is all one night's dreams! Some nights I wake and write 20+ pages of experiences.

There are two sequences, one regarding my TF driving drunk and a situation with a death threat from a lady likely from another dimension or dimensional overlap. 

When a soul is 'drunk' in a dream, it is often symbolic they are not living in accordance with their soul essence, and in 3D are living contrary to how their 'higher' self wants them to be living in 3D, thereby they are 'drunk' because soul wise, they are not paying attention.

Souls also out of sync with their soul path that visit me in dreams, may also appear drugged and/or or under spells by others and often they come to me for protection and help.

I recommend watching "What the Bleep Do We Know" as a good example of how a soul becomes drunk,  drugged,  or put under soul spells by another. There is a section within It that shows about emotional bonding in unhealthy ways as being like a drug and an addiction and how those bonds occur through emotional linking and often unhealthy emotional attachments.  These attachments are readily evident in dreams as the visual depictions of the soul revealing they are drunk,  drugged,  or under a spell.

As to part 2 of the dream,  with the abused "off world" kids, I'm not totally sure just yet exactly where they are.  But, they are likely connected with the #Antarctic, #Mars, and #InnerEarth per other dreams and info. Its likely the Antarctic is a gateway to wherever they are being abused and then sorted out to other locations (likely most not on Earth) dependent on how they 'ingest' the abuse and respond to it,  if more mousey or sexual, they get shunted to a location for that, if more rough and tumble (like the second group of kids that arrived in the dream) they get shunted to locations for that.  The abuse and drugging as young children occurred first though. The school bus likely depicts they get around half of the children somehow through the education system when they are young and likely focus more on the 'homeless' ones (orphans) and snatch those from families that they think they can get away with snatching.

I firmly believe they must ask everyone first in dreams before they can do any of those things in 3D, just like the races #CoreyGoode mentions approach us first that way to get permission from our #HigherSelf too. I believe this is part of the cosmic laws/rules that all beings must honor first.  This is why dreams are so important, they are conscious recall of those events and more.  I'll be sharing soon more about how to handle 'dark entities' in love.

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