Tuesday, February 6, 2018

NO Solar Flash (pt1)- Prior Thoughts and More

Why I don't believe in a #SolarFlash . . .

Read my Glowing Finger Points to Change dream from 2013 that turned out to be the same prison keeper lady in the ICC prison escape I posted about a week ago. 


In most instances,  I know who everyone in the dream is in 3D. I've seen hundreds of things now that connect with my dreams that have come to pass in 3D that I was sharing with a group I was lead to believe were awake, but evidence has shown them to be otherwise and this too is in accordance with my dreams.

What I have seen now occur 100s, even 1000s, of times now is this:

"What we do in dreams, determines what we experience in 3D."

I will be writing a paper on what dreams truly are and why the cabal uses trusted spiritual teachers to disseminate lies about them being nothing but subconscious panderings where they say everyone in the dream is you and in the next breath tell you we are all one. 

Coming up soon... I will also post about the AI agenda of the cabal to get a prominent spiritual teacher in 3D to give his soul to them willing. they work via the spirit -soul realms and get permission there First directly from the soul, then they can do stuff to them in 3D.  If a soul is still asleep in 3D regarding certain areas, they often appear to me in the dream as drunk, drugged, or under a spell and I get called in to help protect them. In a particular dream I will be sharing, "Galactic Rescue," I have seen 4 big things that have already occur in 3D. The big one, is yet to manifest fully in 3D.

As more and more things come to light in 3D, I will reveal key info showing more connections and teach the associated lessons.

Such as marriage being largely a cabal death contract for souls to kill each other with the false belief its "honor" and "moral" to stay with someone killing you or vise versa in spirit - soul dream realms.  Marriage is often a suicide pact or agreement by two souls to murder each other in socially acceptable ways, as denoted by the "death do us part" final clause.   Please note,  in most instances both people are good people without a clue what they are doing to each other in soul - spirit (dream) realms that then manifests in 3D.  The results of the spirit-soul realm abuses are often manifest in 3D as things like disease,  accidents,  depressions,  cancers, etc.  This is why what we do in dream realms is so important.

Dreams can also alert you to potential suicides,  accidents to avoid,  and even people trying to manipulate you. I  recently had one guy show me in a dream the world's largest snake I have EVER seen, maybe even 100ft long, 3ft diameter center area, coiled up on a huge cart about 15ft long, 12ft wide and 20 ft high with logs like a bird perch the snake was coiled all around. Snakes warn of someone who will intentionally do things to manipulate and control you.   In 3D the guy behaved in accordance with what he showed me in the dream. So I already knew to not argue because he was already set in his agenda and it would have served no purpose other than let him be justied in his mind about the lies he was already believing.

So stay tuned... I'll be posting a lot of my controversial views regarding many spiritual beliefs that have gone off skew and put people in religious and psychological traps, like "mirrors".... and more....

My core message is to awaken each person to their own innate truths and heart wisdom (true knowledge. The knowledge of remembering.)  to activate their own magikal abilities in dream realms... heart and truth.

All Magikal abilities are resonant first with how honest you are to yourself and thereby others which ties into heart understanding. Together these are the core of what Love really is. Those with head knowledge and little to no real heart knowledge will still remain powerless in dreams and at the mercy of others who they still resonate (and often fight) with.

True understanding resonates from the 'heart,' as does all wisdom and knowledge of the ages....


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