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2018_01_22_JAN Greatest Showmen

I have been working extensively in the soul-spirit (dream) realms with a particular group for their protection and awakening. (#shaman) When I began my journey in 2006 I had no idea it would lead me where I am today.  Over the course of time, I will continue to share of my dream experiences and the many Waking 3D Life connections I have seen.
So stay tuned for many, many more, very exciting, and magical adventures.  
What I do in dreams realms . . . you can do too . . . it’s simply a matter of love, truth, and desire. . . if you have those 3 things in order, much can be accomplished . . . .

2018_01_22_JAN Greatest Showmen (22 Jan 2018)

Question 2:
Need to know. Who needs my help tonight.  Love, Unity, Peace, Joy, Twin Flame and Me W3DL.

@6:46 AM

I was at some type of event.  It was a live performance show event for Gorik, set up like a circus show. The audience was divided from the performers by an invisible curtain sheen, the purpose of the sheen was two-fold: keep the people in the audience from directly interacting with the actors and to keep the sense of division where the actors were intentionally leading the people to believe they were better than them and knew more, when in actuality they knew less than the people in the audience.  But, they were “showmen” and wanting to keep their illusions.  The people were unwitting giving their consent and power away by being lead to believe they were not as good as the actors up front and that they had to go to the event to ‘see magik’ and ‘powers’ and were being lead to believe these ‘showmen’ actually had real magikal abilities, but they only had and used sleight of hand along with stage setup to give the illusion of magik.  
Gorik and the Earth INC Media group of guys had organized this very big show to be broadcast all over the world via major Television networks as part of the plan to show the world the ‘great re-entry’ of Enoch now incarnate as Gorik.   
I sat in the audience crowd with my parents and daughter quietly observing them.
Their show was about to begin.
Goode, Corey. “Ancient Builder Race - Recovering Humanity's Billion-Year Legacy.” Sphere Being Alliance. 13 Jan 2018. Web. 15 Jan 2018. <>
I will share multiple dream connections with this update and that I shared with SBA via email prior this update.
A very tall Black Maya man was announcing the start of the show in a very big circus-showman-style way to hype up the audience of what they had planned next.  I also noted on stage the very tall half human – half giant with blond hair.  
I went down to the sidelines of the stage area nearer the half-giant.  The stage area also reminded me a of a small scale grassy football field.  A whole group of circus performers entered onto the stage area. The giant began answering my questions from a blog post regarding how giants and humans ‘bred’ per say and for a human to give birth safely.  He was indicating he was the evidence they had been successful and that it did work.  He next told me about what it’s like for him walking around in 3D amongst the humans and being so tall.  His ego liked that the humans viewed him as a ‘god’ and as being knowledgeable simply because he was tall.   I was not impressed, though I was fascinated by his height.  I seemed to only come up to his knee caps with my head.   He was very slim and trim, but not skinny.  I mused in 3D he could always pretend he was a human walking around on stilts like an old family friend used to do. But, I could tell he was a real half-giant made of flesh and bones and not a human on stilts.
I decided I better go back up to the audience seating area as the show was about to begin.  I located my family in the audience seating and made my way back to my seat. The audience area was set up more like a Disney studio with live audience seating.  My parents both knew the truth.  I had more magik than any of these showmen, Mom especially was aware of this.  Dad was still deciding if he fully believed me or not and if I really had magical abilities. But, he trusted me over the showmen. I arrived at my seat and sat next my daughter Lexi.
The Maya announcer felt to be the off-world being named Tearance energetically.  He was narrating as though telling a story and saying how he was talking with somebody right now about how great the show was going to be and how he and the aliens were speaking with someone . . . it was . . . Enoch . . .  
I knew why . . . they were preparing the world for the big announcement to present my Twin Flame Gorik as the next ‘non-savior’ savior.  I was very unhappy about this.
A few animal trainers with a variety of unusual animals entered the stage and began leading the animals around in a single file line.  The animal parade was to further hype up the crowds on how great their show was by ‘wowing’ them with these very odd and unusual non-Earth type creatures. This would then lead into the big sha-bang announcement of presenting Gorik, as Enoch.  
I decided it was time to test my magical abilities, to ensure they would penetrate through their divisive curtain veil of lie codes.
I chose a cat-like creature to test on.  I decided to attempt petting its nose hairs with my magik through the veil. I focused my heart intention and mildly moved my fingers, remaining seated in my audience seat and I saw the creatures fur move upward on its nose.  I was successful.
However, I still wanted to test further to ensure I had indeed rubbed the nose hairs up and that it wasn’t just part of the animal’s show to move its nose hairs up like that.
Another trainer now entered the arena who looked like Hugh Jackman from the Greatest Showman film.  He was very tall and was leading out onto stage in a single file line about a dozen creatures that were tall like camels, but definitely not camels. They were very big creatures built more like a cross between a llama, with the llama fur, and thick barreled bodies like a horse with a very slight ridge on their backs.   

I motioned my finger at the creature leading the line and made him break his formation. He began to turn and walk in the other direction.  The trainer thought it was an animal mistake and said to the creature, “Hey, what are you doing? Get back in formation. You’re supposed to be going the other direction.” and he began to work on getting the creature back in line again. This animal seemed to be the most intelligent of the dozen and was why he’d been chosen to lead the others.
Dad leaned over to me across Lexie and asked, “What are you doing?” I said, “They are never gonna believe me unless I prove to them I have magik in a way they cannot deny.”  Dad replied “By ruining their show?.” I said, “No . . . by saving it . . .”
The Hugh Jackman trainer now had the tall brown creature back in its spot, so it simply looked like an animal mistake.  
I began to test further and motioned my left index finger in a counter-clockwise spin and the animal broke formation again, he began walking in a tight counter-clockwise circle as if chasing his tail (even though he didn’t have more than a bob tail there).  The trainer was again perplexed and said to the creature, “What are you doing?” and tried again to get “Rudy” back into formation and succeeded in getting the creature back into formation the second time.
I then motioned my fingers even more and made the animal turn in circles, again, and again, and again. Since the first two times could still be deemed animal failure I began to turned my finger even faster and the animal began spinning like a top or as if in the wash machine on the spin cycle.  He was spinning so fast he was a motion-blur to everyone’s eyes, definitely not something possible for the creature to do of his own accord or by ‘mistake.’ I spun and spun the creature around 40 to 50 times (he was not harmed in any way as my magik also protected him).  The crowds noticed something was going on and the showman also became aware that ‘someone’ had performed real magik.  He didn’t know who. He was trying to ‘save face’ now and keep the show moving forward as if nothing happened. After all, they still had the big ‘Enoch’ entrance planned and were working up to their big sha-bang moment.  
I stopped the animal from spinning.  The trainer now got the lead animal and close following animals (clones?) back into formation to finish parading them around, according to the plan.
Enoch was set to enter soon from the same off-stage location the animals had entered from.
Now the announcer began to present info that coincided with my emails to SBA regarding my 500+ dreams where I’d seen one to five daily affirmations from Gorik via public postings that coincided exactly with something within the dream group I’d already shared, including the Vatican break away group.  The announcer began to narrate the story, like my dream story info shared, “The aliens were talking about someone named Enoch…” then he began to speak words sounding to be from some ancient Gaelic scroll texts that were supposed to be magikal words containing power, but he only spoke them from head knowledge devoid of heart and passion, which simply rendered them just as inert as the rest of their ‘magic’ show.
Gorik made his BIG entrance and walked out on stage like a god for the crowds to praise and adore him as worshipping ‘fans.’  I was disgusted. The special effects showman now brought up the fake winds to give the illusion of magik (they did this because I had shared about the winds that came up for me in the prophesy dream that belonged to me) and sprinkled fake rains to say ‘the gods saw Enoch and smiled down upon him.’ The rain were also symbolic to the Adrian Monsoon christening I witnessed from another dream.  The showmen’s stage story was that there had been drought in the lands and now that the chosen one, Enoch, was there the rains came.
They began to try to release the rains fully now from the ceiling rain-misters and piping, instead nothing happened because I motioned my fingers and plugged up all the spray spouts.  The showmen were all looking up again perplexed about yet another thing not going according to their plans and thinking this must just be another mal-function. I motioned with my hand and let the rain-mists descend normally. I noticed the showmen giving visible “whews” that it was working again.  They started to also present Enoch as if he may have also been Noah and Moses.  They spoke about Moses being like a savior leading the people to freedom and then of Noah and the deluge.  They were planning a big visual with the deluge with a staged flood, to make Gorik look even more god-like to the people.
The main announcer now vibed of being Robert Jackalonie, a well-known announcer for the “Game Changes but the Destination Remains the Same” slogan Radio show (I met and spoke with him in another dream and months later met him in Waking 3D Life).  They were getting ready now to literal release TONS of water,  giving the fans the illusion they were gods with magik that could actually call forth real rains.  
Their veil of clear lies, separation, and deception continued to remain in place and I continued to perform magik through it as though not there.
The showmen were still telling themselves all these things were just glitches or that someone from their own ranks (on their side of the veil) had performed the magik and they’d resolve who it was later.
The special effects guy, Patrick Trillion, stood at a sound looking type booth under a lower roof overhang area and pushed the button to release the flood rains . . . and again  . . . nothing happened . . . because I’d plugged up the spray spouts again with barely noticeable finger and hand motions. Around a dozen showmen came out the stage and stood directly under the area where the flood waters were supposed to pour out from above and were looking up at the spouts.  
They were completely perplexed why the flood waters were not being released and still trying to make people believe that Gorik had powers to call forth the rains . . . So, I continued to hold them back. . .
To save face, the showmen began to tell the story as if the Rain-Maker had to first dance and pray to call forth the rains.  I continued to hold back the waters.  
The flood waters above their heads had been building up inside the clear force-shield I had put in place and the force-field was getting very full now.  I estimated there be even around 1,000 gallons of the clean clear blue water being held above their heads and inside the field.  The showmen continued looking up at the ceiling and the waters, highly perplexed and asking yet again amongst themselves, “What is going on?! Why isn’t the water dropping right!?”
They were becoming extremely frustrated and some were saying, “Aw come on now!” and “What’s going on with all these systems.” I looked over at Patrick in the shadows, the semi-famous film-maker within the metaphysical and spiritual communities as aired on Earth INC Media TV or Earth TV, he seemed to be amuzed.  The showmen were getting even more frustrated and saying, “Come on RAIN ALREADY.” To which I replied, “You want it?” You got it…”
And I flick turned over my right hand from being palm up to being palm down . . . and the thousands of gallons of water dumped out . . . directly onto their heads. . .They reminded of the kids who got slimed in the old Nickelodeon Gack “You Got Slimed” scenes.  They were all completely stunned . . . and drenched!  Things had NOT gone according to plan!  They all lookedvery foolish now and like ‘gods’ without magic.
Dad leaned over to me again and said, “Are you sure about this?” I said, “Yes, Absolutely. They need to see my magik to fully believe me.”  
They were still trying to blame it all on ‘malfunctions.’  I wasn’t even close to done yet . . .

I stood up from my background audience seat and walked down to where their veil of lies curtain was.  I placed the palm of my right hand on it to test that I could pass my hand and palm through the ‘codes.’ My hand passed through. Then, I tested with my left hand, it also passed through. My arms were through the curtain veil up to my forearms now.  I waved my forearms around to ensure I could pass through this veil too by rearranging my atoms, like I do with walls and the like when I pass through them and to an outsider seemingly am one with them momentarily.   
The performing announcer, Robert, noticed my hands through the veil right away.
I decided to pass through the curtain using my hands and a phase shift instead.  Since this was a veil of lies, I did not want to ‘become one’ with it and chose instead to remain pure and not blend my energies or merging with it. I used my hands to pull back the clear veil of lies like pushing aside a massive theatre stage curtain and walked through it.
Robert, the performers, and Patrick (likened to being the Wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz) were all stunned by what I’d just done!   They wanted to know how I’d cracked their veil codes!  Apparently, their best and brightest ‘computer’ programmers had programmed that shiznit and they still couldn’t keep me out!  The programmers were geniuses with ridiculously high IQs and here I was moving through their coded-veil like it was nothing but mere child’s play to me.
I walked down to the main stage arena where the showmen and performers were and onto the grassy stage with them.  One of the showmen said to me, “What are you doing!?” You’re not supposed to be able to do that!”  
They were thinking to shoot me with a gun to get rid of me.  I reminded them of the other dream where the government goons had already tried to do that (shoot me) with hundreds of bullets, thousands even, and how they’d failed miserably and couldn’t touch me. Instead the hundreds of bullets shot at me almost point blank just crumpled onto the ground around me and my daughter Lexie as if hitting a force-field. I indicated they could try, but it’d just be a colossal waste of everyone’s time.  
I motion now with my hands and began to speak in one of my many sacred tongues.  I was speaking the same or similar language to the Gaelic sounding language the announcer had just used a little earlier; only I was speaking from my heart and directly to the curtain of lies. Magik was generated; I motioned with my hands and willed the curtain to spread fully wide open. The curtain was the matrix codes, invisible to the naked eye, but I saw them clearly.  I motioned and moved the veil aside like a massive theatre stage curtain being pulled fully back with golden ropes to reveal the stage and performers. The performers asked me, “What are you doing with the veil of lies?”  I said, “Setting them aside, so everyone can see you as you really are and decide if they want to actually follow stage magicians or follow real magik.” I continued speaking my Gaelic sounding language as I actively changed the veil codes  . . . and thus I changed them . . . and thus it was done. . .
The performers were flabbergasted!
No one should have been able to do what I just did!  
It was time now for me to rise up into the air, like I had done in the Preventing 3 Wars dream and where I had commanded everyone to hug. I was going to do that again.  The audience people were seeing for the first time the truth about these performers just like the Tongans had in another dream where I removed the veil of lies from around Earth and the many people were seeing truth too for the first time.
Deschamps, Justin. “Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH Today -- October 10th, 2017.” Stillness in the Storm. 10 Oct 2017. Web. 10 Oct 2017. <>
Preventing 3 (World) Wars” dream emailed to #SphereBeingAlliance  01 Sep 2017
Since this dream we have seen multiple (world) war attempts by the cabal fail and continue to fail.  I will share this dream when the time is right. The most important aspect to know about this dream is the beautiful power of love and hugs and everyone can do it and without fighting.  Please read Justin’s article for scientific details regarding hugs and why they are so powerful. :)
I rose up now into the air as a lady named Grundy grabbed onto my left leg and arm.  She was a fan smitten with me and clinging on.  I told her, “No.” to the clinging and fan worship mentality. She needed to see she possessed these abilities inside her own soul and self as well.  My lift off was now caty-wumpus with her hanging onto me and I couldn’t seem to pry her off, then I was up too high with her to pry her off safely, so I began lowering back down toward the ground.
All eyes were watching me.
I told the crowds, “This isn’t about worship, or division, or separation,” like Gorik and the others had done with the veil of lies and celebrity statutes, “this is about unconditional love and not like the Anchar who claim unconditional love and then live in hate, fear, division, and separation in their time anomaly bubble.” I then proceeded to tell the people the truth . . . that they could do all this too.  
I reached the ground with Grundy, she was laying on the ground now as if drunk and still clinging onto me.  She was fan love-sick for me.  I said, “You see this? When this happens they need the light you bring and have to give.  Its my job to share it because she came to me and I can access it for from the stores of the Universe for her until she learns how to do so for herself.  The more heart and love you have the more power and magik you are.”  Grundy was fully drunk laying completely enamored on the ground.
I knelt down beside her with her still clinging to my left hand.  I said “When you truly love unconditionally this is what you do.” I then emitted a warm yellow light through my hand and into her body to flood her with the light she so desperately clung to me for.  She finally released me and had the hugest smile now on her face.  She looked as if she was someone just ‘slain in the spirit during a Benny Hinn show,’ only she had the real deal.
I stood up and said, “That is real, true, and unconditional love, it does not shun or put up curtains of lies to create separation and division while claiming it is love.”  
I could see Patrick in his Wizard of Oz booth area totally wondering how I’d done it. I could also tell he was rather amused by the water that had been dumped on everyone else’s heads.  He was open to switching sides (to mine from supporting the showmen) as to him it was really more about whichever side he felt was stronger.
Another new group of group of non-performer men now entered the stage and came over to me. One felt to be Alvin the rather well known military astral teacher along with 3 or 4 of his very best and top level military guys, one of those military guys vibed of being the spectacle wearing MIB guy from my “Giant and Game Changer dream.”  They were asking me verbally and energetically, “How did you crack the (veil) code?”  I replied, “What? Did you have your best, smartest, and brightest genius computer programmers on this job to write the veil codes? Even the best and brightest in the nation?”  Alvin said, “YES!” and then, “HOW did you do it!?”
I responded, “Heart.  Don’t ask me to add 2+3 math in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) or how to add 3+3 to get a size, I can barely even do Earth math . . . but . . . the codes of the Universe . . . yeah, easy as cake, I can do that.  My mind . . .” and I pointed at my head, “doesn’t even know what’s going when I perform vast magical mathematical calculations of the Universe on and it can’t even hope to keep up.  But, my heart. . .” I pointed at my heart and raised my voice as loud as I could for all to hear, but it was like I had laryngitis so I could only partly project my voice as I placed all my fingers on my right hand onto my chest heart area and rubbed in a clockwise motion and then closed my fingers into a fist and rubbed in a counter-clockwise motion and continued, “But heart . . . Heart . . . Always knows.  It’s always just inside and knows exactly what to do. . . so follow that.  I feel it . . . and I can do it.
Another guy came over to me, vibing of the salesman I purchased my vehicle from in W3DL and he showed me his cell phone held horizontally and told me, “You’re on national (live) syndicated television you know.”  I responded, “Yeah, I know”  He was thinking I might get wigged out or nervous about being seen all over the nation.  But I didn’t care anymore what this group or other people thought of me so I was completely calm. Getting the truth out was far more important than any of those fears.
The showmen and 4 or 5 media news men began gathering around me and asking more questions of me as to how I’d done it. I told them I could and would teach them all ‘how I’d done it’ and more.  It was about following heart, passion, love, light, and dreams. I continued speaking to the media, showmen, and military men, “Dream are real and not what everyone has been lied to and told they are.”  I was still having voice problems and not sure the crowd could hear me but maybe a few. “They aren’t useless drivel of subconscious panderings, but are actual reality and real events taking place.  Its where souls visit souls to discuss what they are going to do in the physical reality.”  My voice began coming back as I was physically waking up in my bed and audibly spoke the last line, “Would you like to see how it works?”
I was going to show them far more magical abilities then they’d ever even hoped to have seen before.  They seemed to be salivating and smack chomping at the bit (lips) for this info . . . they were eager . . . ready. . .

After my, 22 Jan 2018, dream I came across this well written article:

Raines, Eric. “Spiritual Narcissists and their False Light Propaganda.” Unleashing Natural Humanity. 31 Jan 2018. Web. 31 Jan 2018.
This article by Eric Raines is a solid explanation of what happens when spiritual leaders forget what they are here to teach and wind up operating solely in their heads and forget to listen and follow their hearts.

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