Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What Is A Timeline Split? And How Are Dreams Involved?

What is a #TimelineSplit ?
Timeline splits occur when souls live in disparity with themselves. 
In plain English,  this occurs when the conscious self chooses opposite the 'higher' Self's will.
Higher Self's will is readily accessible in what humanity calls 'dreams.'
This knowledge is available to be seen by anyone paying attention to the higher density realms. 
In dreams energies are more cleared away to be seen as they are (i.e. if someone likes you they are more expressive or vice versa) and are a mixture of symbolism and actuality.  But, generally speaking all info seen points to the actualization of the energies in 3D that will be seen and experienced in some capacity and in conjunction with how they were first explored, created,  tested,  and decided upon in the upper densities, 'dreams.' 
When a soul is out of parity with themselves,  their dreams abilities are also rendered ineffective because they are not living in connection with 'source,' which is their own inner soul-spirit essence. 
When out of connection with 'source' (or 'higher' self) one may dream, but see zero connection to Waking 3D Life or have no dream recall at all. There are varying levels to this,  however,  regardless to recall,  everyone's souls/soul-spirits travel as the body rests.
How "in connection" you are with yourself and truth,  will determine what you can access (see) in dream realms. 
In order to heal the timeline splits,  humanity must heal within him or herself the disparity (split) and come into parity (unity) with their total self - source (love).
As a footnote*
I theorize the Anchar are the epitomy of the #twinflame splitting and that the super evil cabal sectors here are their other halves that they want to cast into the abyss of darkness again via a #SolarFlash, religious propaganda, and more "splitting" (timeline splits) while claiming they are of unconditional love and unity, but they equally live in fear by continuing to hide in their time anomoly bubble.  I'm gonna guess these guys have been around as long as the cabal in terms of 'time.'  This is my current theory on these guys.
I recommend watching #OnceUponATime especially season 6 episode 14 (30 min mark), where the "good" evil queen (who'd split herself in 2 in earlier episodes in order to 'get rid of' her 'evil' portion of herself) realizes she has to love her "evil" self too and shares that with her other half to bring healing to both.
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