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2016_08_12_AUG Gorik Drunk - I Drive - Ray Gun Portals Built By Off World Kids

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2016_08_12_AUG Ray Gun Portals Built By Off World Kids

Dream Message:  Ray Gun Portals Built By Off World Kids


Irises have a frontal portal.   The kids/people that work on these things are off world (Earth) and build them.  But, they don’t know or realize what they are doing.

The bunnies are the kids that work on the large ray gun/ shrink ray gun irises. They looked to me like the Honey I Shrunk the Kids device from the 2nd film.

I was trying to take photos of the “bunnies” in certain positions for some reason.

In connection with my other dreams and the overlapping dimension aspects likely involved,  The irises may have to do with CERN like parts constructions or for laser based devices of some type due to the laser involved in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids film. 

2017_10_30_OCT Part 1 - Gorik Drunk I Drive. Dimension Problems and Protections Provided.

I found myself in a white sports car with Gorik driving and he appearing again as my brother.  We were heading from Shingle Springs to Placerville in California.

He had a little silver metal drinking flask filled with alcohol that he had been drinking from and my former and now deceased in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) favorite pet, Munchkin a Boston Terrier, was riding on the floor by my feet on the passenger side.

Gorik was taking swigs of boos from the flask as he was driving and becoming more and more intoxicated by the minute.  He was asking me if I wanted to drive the car because it was sporty.  I didn’t really see a need to drive it for that reason.  But, Gorik was becoming more and more drunk by the moment and I was concerned about him continuing to drive.  He was barely able to stay awake or drive at all and we were only moving about 5mph through all the traffic lights in Placerville heading towards South Lake Tahoe.

I told Gorik to pull over and let me drive. He was trying now to pull off to the side of the road for that reason. He slowly began pulling through the first green light as he was trying.  The traffic stopped just past the first light and I tried to get him to turn right at the light instead so we could stop at a gas station to switch seats but, then the traffic line in front of us began to move again very slowly forward, so Gorik continued to drive straight with the traffic through the light. Once across the intersection he began working at getting us all the way off the road and onto the right shoulder.   The traffic in front of use began to pick up speed as Gorik reduced our speed to about a snail’s crawl. He was very distracted. 

 Aside from being totally drunk, he was also looking for some paper that a lady around 40 years of age had recently given him threatening his life.  Initially, the paper seemed to be just a threat to take all that he had via the corrupt courts.  The lady felt to be a low level highfalutin person with the appearance of power and status, but only within a small town construct like Placerville.  She was extremely ego based and abusive towards others, a jerk really.

She had served this threatening paper on Gorik by what felt like mail and it seemed to have no real basis for any legitimate legal case of any kind.  Yet, she had served it on him anyways.

I gently began to ask Gorik about this paper for more details.   It was white and folded up into 4s. He finally came to a complete stop, with us still largely in the right traffic lane.  The drivers behind us were getting mad some as they had to move into the fast lane in order to get around us.  We may have been driving a white Cougar sports car. 

Finally Gorik managed to sidle the car mostly onto the shoulder and into the semi-soft and dry-wet dirt, while still slowly creep rolling forward.  I encouraged his actions, “yeah, just pull over here and let me drive that’s fine.”  He was so drunk now, and worried, and distracted, that he was barely paying any attention to me at all.  Finally, he stopped the car with the rear left tire still in the slow traffic lane and opened his door to get out and switch sides with me. The other drivers could at least get around us now, even with his door open.  I directed Gorik, “get out now, so I can drive.”

I opened my door to get out and walk around the back of the car to his side.  It felt the police might be there any minute for some reason and I didn’t want him to get in trouble for drunk driving.  
He was mumble-muttering about the paper served on him by mail. I instructed him to walk around the front of the car in order to keep him from walking into traffic drunk.  I then seemed to both climb over the center consul and walk around the backside of the vehicle to get into the driver seat.
Some of the people driving by us were a little concerned. A nice lady with wavy curly brown hair travelling with her approximately 9 year old blond haired daughter, slowed almost to a stop and gave me a caring inquisitive look, I assured her by flagging her forward that we were ok and she pulled around us too along with the stream of traffic behind her.

Gorik successfully got in the passenger side and closed his door. In the meantime, I discovered the dash was extremely low on the driver side and almost crammed up against my legs, so much so, I could barely move them enough to operate the gas or brake pedals.  I was reminded of the square time travel pods I flew and how they seemed like they were crammed like this too, except those had formed around my body to fit my form perfectly. 

I was determined to make this crammed driving situation work in order to get Gorik to safety. 
Munchkin now came up from her floor spot to sit on Gorik’s lap.  Then, our car seemed to phase shift from a white color into a more sandy-brown or pewter (barely metallic) color.  I pushed on the gas pedal and began to merge back into traffic, an oncoming car slowed down and pull back some to let us on and not hit us.  I drove us through the 2nd light and for some reason I felt we needed to turn left at the 3rd light,  up Clay St.  It felt urgent to get out of this town immediately as there were too many corrupt people here. The police force was especially bad and it felt they were both after us and not after us and also as if they were a ‘million’ miles away still trying to find/locate us. 

Deceased pets showing up in dreams are a very positive sign.
Clay - has to do with dimensions, dimension travel, and dimension hopping per my many other dreams.

I turned the wheel hard left but was still making a very wide left turn as if I was driving a big rig.  I continued to turning even up Clay Street about 50 feet and I drove over a low planted center divide and was barely creep rolling at 1mph.  

Suddenly, there was a 3rd girl outside our car talking with us is she were inside the car with us. 
Gorik was still looking at the threat paper from the lady and he was even more worried now because the paper message had changed to become a death threat on his life, with a death date, for something like a month from ‘now.’   It seemed the lady was planning to do the hit herself and I was then visually seeing the tomb headstone that was planned for him.

But, now this 3rd girl whom I wasn’t entirely certain exactly who she was energetically in 3D, took the paper from Gorik’s’ hands as I spotted my dream journal on the ground outside the car. I opened my door and was able to scoop grab up it up as I creep rolled near it in order to rewrite (?) history in it. 

I couldn’t tell exactly what the 3rd girl was doing with Gorik’s paper, but she was writing something on it that had to do with the death threat sentence.  Gorik was extremely distraught.  The 3rd girl handed the paper back to Gorik and said, “Look at it now.”  Gorik took the paper and looked at it. It now read that ‘nothing happened to him.’  It was as if the lady who’d written the death threat never existed in the first place.  The 3rd girl said, “That’s because I’ve written a promise to terminate her first and so all of history has changed.” 

The 3rd girl then directed her attention to me and charged me with the task of protecting Gorik in the meantime; it felt the date for the lady’s termination was still coming somehow.  I already knew it was my job to protect Gorik because of my powerful magikal abilities and I reassured her that I would continue to do my job.

Gorik now worried, ‘what if she changed her mind’ about terminating this lady on the 30th (?) day.  The 3rd girl now felt more like a close family member of mine and she reassured Gorik she was a woman of her word and do as written. I knew she would. She was dressed in white and then stated, “It ‘would’ and ‘was’ already done now.” She wasn’t the least bit worried or plush about it.  I felt relieved it wasn’t my job to terminate the lady. 

I finished making the hard left U-turn that had turned into a wide left U-turn up Clay St and got back onto the main Highway intersection we’d just turned off of and began headed back toward Shingle Springs.  I drove through the 2nd light and then turned right up Canal St toward El Dorado High School.  

The 3rd girl was floating outside and alongside our vehicle like a guardian angel in a flowing white robe now, keeping an eye on us.   
We were making it out of town safely, though I was still on high alert.  I was feeling to drive us back to the car dealership in Shingle Springs and being extra careful to not drive off any cliffs!

Then . . . I found myself in a completely different location . . .


Part 2 “Off-World” ‘Homeless Shelter’ for ‘Lost Boys’ and the Grey Dust

I was in a place I viewed as a ‘homeless shelter’ for “Lost Boys,” like in Peter Pan but, there were girls here too.  I didn’t fully know exactly where I was.  It was a maybe like a vast and huge warehouse or underground place.  Initially I only noted the small cozy larger room side I was in.  There were around 50 to 100 children most not in their teens yet. None of them seemed to have parents or they had been snatched to think they had no parents. 

There were white-grey dust powders all over everything and everywhere. All the kids were covered with this dust too along with the school bus I was standing next to. The ceiling in this more ‘cozy’ section was slightly higher than average.

In other dreams, powders have magikal abilities to transform things or become things when utilized correctly and are linked with desire. These powders may connect with the alchemical powders in W3DL such as Ormus powder (Monatomic Gold) and may even be linked to the real reason for the alien harvesting of ‘gold’ from Earth as a ‘creation’ tool for keeping their slave and abuse systems operational in other locations and even higher densities.  I very recently had another dream where 2 pedophile trouble maker witches told me the ‘waters’ were being polluted/poisoned from higher up near ‘source.’ Which revealed clearly what I suspected, that many of the ‘so called’ ‘higher evolved/more advanced’ beings are also tools running cabal agendas just as much as the lower level and more corporeal Earth density ones.  It important to wake up everyone at all levels with love.

I spotted a very abusive middle-aged school marm standing beside the school bus whom may have even been the same blond lady that just threatened Gorik’s life. Near her was an approximately 19 year old blond girl that reminded me a very snobby and rude teenage girl from my Waking 3D Life (W3DL) youth, whose family also went on the annual car dealer Hawaii trips.
The teen girl was being extremely rude and bossing the other kids around like she owned the joint and like they had to follow her orders.  She’d seemed to have successfully made herself into the right hand kid of the nasty ‘school’ marm.

Suddenly, my daughter Lexi blipped in next to me and told me something should be done about that snob girl. Then, she disappeared again and was gone.

The snob-brat girl was now trying to get me to follow her orders.  I would not.  She did not like that! 
To prove her ‘power’ she went into the school bus and made her way over to one of the little 8 or 9 year old kids. She selected the one holding a little teddy bear to terrorize because the bear seemed to bring extra special comfort to that particular child. I couldn’t tell if the child was a boy or a girl.
I noted again the white-grey dusts covering the exterior of the bus along with the kids sitting or leaned up against it, they all looked glued to their spots and in a trance like daze.  The interior of the bus and the kids inside it were equally covered and daze-drugged looking.   

The snob-brat girl proceeded to snatch the teddy bear from the child.  The child was very upset and even looked like they wanted to cry.  But they did not, because they were largely used to this by now.  I was very displeased with the snob-brat girl.  Especially, since this seemed to be the only toy amongst all the kids.  The snob-brat girl then came back out of the bus and gave the teddy bear to another older teenage boy who didn’t really want or need it. 

I promptly went over to the teenage boy and politely took it back from him as the child came out of the bus. I walked over to the child and handed the teddy bear back to him/her.

The snob-brat girl did NOT like her ‘power’ being usurped like that!  She began trying to ‘get me’ by verbally assaulting me.  I basically rolled my eyes at her and energetically told her she was an idiot, she didn't like that either, so she physically lunged at me while she continued to try to tell all the kids she was in charge.   I simply flew up into the air out of her grappling range and then energetically told the kids “A good leader does not do the kinds of things this girl and marm do (hurt you to make you cry). A good leader cares about you and your feelings, like I do.”  The kids were understanding what I was saying and were seeing this truth for the first time, yet none of them had any clue what to do about the abuses.

I then needed to go use the bathroom.  There were 4 toilets in a row and 2 sinks.  The lights were off and it was dark inside. The door remained open to let in light.  It was the homeless kids’ prison bathroom.  Zero privacy. I used the facility along with 3 or 4 other kids inside it. Finished and chose to wash my hands at a more private sink location.  

Using the restroom in any capacity in dreams  typically has many positive connotations.
I walked out the group bathroom and down the hall to a separate and more private sink and mirror location to wash my hands.  There were no kids or abusers here.  I washed my hands in the sink with the gold Melaleuca bar and the diamond-vibing sink handles.  The sink bowl seemed made of gold, though it appeared otherwise.

I went back to the main area where the kids were.  

A BIG fight style competition was about to begin between the small group of young children I was just with and a new group of older mostly teenage kids that had just arrived.   

The new arrival group of kids were vast in numbers, hundreds and even thousands of them, all covered in a more white-blue tinge grey dust. I paid more attention to the rest of the ‘room’ now and noted how it expanded out as far as my eyes could see and the ceiling was at least as high as a huge factory warehouse, maybe even a couple hundred feet up.  

The object of ‘the game’ was to steal by brute force – like cage fighting style – the one toy or food item that would be presented.  This style of fighting competition seemed to occur once per month, per week, or the like.  The whole thing reminded me of the Kevin Costner (KC) Waterworld movie I barely recalled and another movie title, War of the Worlds.  Neither film was I very familiar with but these kids and the game vibed of being something like those. I thought I recalled in Waterworld KC being on a water raft to escape the prison world he was in.  

The teenage group of kids were very rough and tumble like the people in Waterworld and it felt they had started where the younger children were, who were covered in a more warm red-tone grey dust. It felt they'd originally been abused and indoctrinated like the young children were experiencing now and by the same abusive marm to think abuse was normal.  After years of abuse, injections, drugs, and more, they were then shunted off to different locations dependent on how they responded to the abuse.  This group seemed to be some of the most rough and tumble ones and also reminded me of the staff-crew team in the #HarryPotter show with the head #VictorCrum guy in the #GobletOfFire.

Now, a 19 year old boy from the other side was telling me this is how it’s done as the fight was about to begin.  It seemed his team always won because they were meaner and smarter (largely due to being biologically older) and had already learned a lot more about how to also be abusive and sneaky.  They also had the obvious advantage of being vast in numbers.

An item was being passed out and around now. It was black.  It had a tarantula vibe and was like a hanging #Halloween spider toy.  I saw a huge monster truck single wheel tire lying flat on the ground near me with a kid from ‘my’ team side hiding inside it with the more red-warmth vibe. An older kid covered in the more blue-grey dust with a colder (blue-bloods?) vibe quickly snatched the toy from the warmer red-tone dust covered child inside the tire where he’d tried to hide with the toy near the mesh type screens inside the wheel.

Red and Blue - connects with the typical waring ‘God's colors.

Mesh - connects with CERN info dreams and is used to capture others. More relegated to soul essences.

The blueish white team guy was now being very rude and snobbish to the little boy he’d just taken the toy from.  Very rub-it-in-his-face-arrogant and treating the child like he was nothing more than a patsy and no challenge at all.  

I was watching mostly to observe and see how this ‘game’ was played, in order to resolve what best to do about it later.   

The head nasty school marm for the warmer and more innocent team now entered the almost full with children bus and was doing things to further sedate the kids inside so they thought they were in Hawaii by the ocean.  She was doing something to all of them, including the almost same amount of kids outside the bus.  They were all lackadaisical like this was life and “just how it is.”
I continued to observe to determine how to best free them.

The nasty marm now had apple cider vinegar, and a rag or a roll of paper towels. There were standard looking size mesh (steel or aluminum) about 4” x 8” vents that lined the base of the bus sides near the floor with about 4 or 5 vents per side.  She also had a small white clip style fan (like used for MJ indoor gardening) and a small, white, modern, sleek alarm clock that played music. 

Apple Cider Vinegar – connects with Druids and alien info from other dreams. These groups use “Apple Cider Vinegar”  for things like mind control. 

MJ connects likely with the MJ12 type groups and etc.

She poured some Apple Cider Vinegar on her paper towels and began to rub them on the vents. Next she held the paper towels with Vinegar on them over the vents and turned on the fan to disperse the fumes off the towels.  With a smirk glint in her eye she proclaimed she did this so the kids would think they were in Hawaii and like the vinegar gave the smell of the ocean and ocean breeze.  The kids in the bus looked extremely drugged up and lackadaisical now, whereas prior they looked like they might actually be starting to get sober some. They all looked extremely ‘high’ on something from the “vinegar” and looked ½ eyes closed like they’d just had a dose of heroin or cocaine or something.  The smug nasty marm continued to say she did this all the time and kids were incredibly dumb and stupid and they’d just stay there and let her do it. She continued to keep them sedated with just enough ‘perceived’ happiness so they wouldn’t try to leave.
Vents have to do with the way the ancient civilization traveled around underground.

BlueAvians. 26 Sep 2017, 1:34 AM. Tweet.
I still continued to just observe, thinking this not cool at all and purposed to find some way to free the kids.  But, I had to be careful how I did it so as not to create so much shock to the kids that they freaked out and went the opposite direction in fear.

The kids were now looking to me for a solution as they could see I was full ‘present’ and definitely not from around there.  I was even possibly a being out of phase to the mold they’d been place in.  Like I was ‘free to move about the cabin,’ fully present, fully aware (no drugs or etc), and they wanted to see how I would and could change things because I was free to move and walk about and do as I chose.  The children seemed to be sitting the entire time, as if stuck in their one spot, except the snob-brat girl because she realized she could move about, but she’d believed it was because she’d chosen to be nasty.  It was almost as if they were frozen in place except maybe to pick their noses or something. . .

Frozen - points to a potential cold climate location of the kids like the Antarctic  in connection with my other dreams.

Then I woke up . . .

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