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2018_01_13_JAN Mike Pence

LINK about Mike Pence -
Timothy Holmseth. (Dec 30, 2017). MIKE PENCE – LUCIFERIAN TRAITOR? #Q #QANON #followthewhiterabbit #thestormishere.  Retrieved from

I asked the following question because I had a dream years ago about silver suit beings in the president position, wife, some kids, and even the VP.  So, hearing questionable things about Pence made me go hmmm….what’s the deal.  I have a few theories:  1. the silver suit VP refers to another guy to take his place.  2. MP was a silver suit guy that mayhap got taken over.  3. Lots more going on than meets the eye and could be a decoy scenario….but, based on my dream info…1 and 2 seem more plausible.

2018_01_13_JAN Mike Pence

Pre Sleep I asked:

Q1: “What is the deal with Mike Pence (MP)?”

@1:39 am

I was choosing what to go with them, like portals and game changers and like my dreams were the icing on the cake for that and I’d already sent all my papers (sba) and documents (dreams) affirming them as real. And Giants. Killing Medusa and Don comforting me. 

As I was waking I was hearing my audible book “As I go down deeper into relaxation…”
Labyrinths connects? Rabbit hole . . . bunnies?

Q2: My next 2 steps in W3DL (Waking 3D Life)? Usual qualifiers – Love, Peace, Joy, meTFW3DL, and as connected with MP info.

@7:45 am

I was in a lunch line at some place and I had selected a small packaged Mac N Cheese cup. The microwave/nuke version/fast food.

Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni & Cheese Microwave Cups 10ct
Lunch just got easier with this delicious and convenient alternative to the classic mac 'n cheese. Cooks in minutes and comes in ready-to-serve microwaveable cup.

I gave it to the cute short haired red head behind the cafeteria style counter. Like a cross between Subway food line and a hospital cafeteria food pick up line.  The red head then began to place her non-gloved hands directly into the mac n cheese in the cup.  She began to grab out with her fingers and thumb a good size portion of the mac n cheese to throw away.  She blobbed it onto the prep counter area.  She seemed to do this 3 times. I was like ‘hey’ in my mind and then I verbally questioned her on this, “That’s an awful lot to take out of a cup barely more than a few bites in it to begin with.  Can you please stop and not do that anymore.” It really was not a question, “Please do not take any more out.”   She proceeded to tell me the regular lead lunch lady did this too.  I was worried about germs in my food. But, I thought-felt she was putting a lot of love into it so I’d just try to be ok with the 3 finger-handfulls already out.

The number 3 also has connection with Tesla, vortexes, and thereby Tesla Vortex math. Something I also know very little about, except that it is used apparently for portals.  Which connects with other dreams I have and the Giant ones just posted as well.
Gary Lite. (Mar 3, 2017). NIKOLA TESLA Vortex Math – Everything Adds to 9, 3, and 6. Retrieved from

Then, she began to put both her hands into the cup and kneading and turning all the Mac N Cheese.  While I really liked her energy as a person, I found this highly inappropriate, not knowing where her hands had been or if she’d even washed them.  What if she’d just come from the bathroom and wiped? Or what is she’d had her hands on the bathroom floor and picked up a flu bug or some other virus like herpes or whatever.  So now I told her as the main lunch lady now came over to where we were also on the opposite side of the counter to me and affirmed this was the standard/usual process.  I said, “Well I’m not comfortable with that.  Please start over with a new cup and if you’re going to put your hands in it to knead and turn it, please see that you put fresh (vinyl) gloves on. The red head had such a loving look her eyes, even sparkle eyes.

Likely connects with the current serious Flu epidemic and another dream that points to the Clinton’s involvement in that matter. Their house fire was likely to burn evidence and cover over a handful of other things they are likely involved in that my dream pointed to as well including 911.

I went over to the area behind me and grabbed a fresh largely navy blue Mac N Cheese cup and held out this second one to the red head to prepare for me.  The red head now sweep scooped with her hand the Mac N Cheese from the 1st cup’s pile on her prep area into the white, narrow, and tall rectangular trash.

She seemed perplexed as to why I didn’t want it that way, but she also had a hint of mischievousness and understanding.  She was sorta like, ‘you noticed that eh…’ like most people don’t ever say anything or even care.

She seemed to clean her hands off and then put on gloves. She now accepted the 2nd Mac N Cheese cup from me and opened it. I said, “Just knead-it, turn-it this time” implying do not scoop any out to throw away.  

It seemed Trump was there somewhere in the background and like I was holding two of my special cut crystals.  It also felt to be like a possible AI nanite infestation too that could have possibly be in the germs she picked up with her hands and was putting in the 1st food cup. 

There was also someone else next to the red head’s left (and opposite me, to my right) the entire time.  She was like a wisp of a silhouette or ghost-like energies.  She was fully present though in 3D and watching.  She was like a hover monitor watching the red head the whole time. To learn? To ensure she stuck to protocols? Other? The wisp seemed more like the green-pea learning the ropes still from her superior lunch lady (the read head).  The wisp felt like an intern or something, though she also felt employed there.

2016_11_23_NOV Killing Medusa with Donald Trump Comforting Me

Side Note - Medusa break it’s jaw and rip it apart -    

According to Medusa was one of 3 sisters and the only mortal one of the 3. She was cursed by Athena with poison snakes for hair and later fled to Africa where she was killed by Perseus with Cronus’ sickle.  

I don’t know much about mythology or the like, so feel free to read the following links.

However, the portion of info I read from these links connect this dream with my other giant dreams and Zeus dreams, which link with the “Rod’s from God” projectiles.

There was a snake that’d come back to life and it’s job was to kill me.  It was in a cuckoo clock at 1st and only one long snake that would come out a lower hole.  It was very oddly colored.  It was metallic light red and metallic light teal.
I told someone, yelled actually, “Quick help me! We have to get a plastic brown bin to get the snake inside so it can’t get out.”

The snake reminded me of the heart flower plant/Medusa looking thing I drew on the TL3 (Time Line 3) artwork.
I found a clear and white bin, along with its lime green lid. But, it had too many holes.  It was oddly shaped, very futuristic/modern/nice style! Military like, maybe even designed some like the ET computer mouse and gaming keyboard I’d purchased in W3DL.
The snake, Medusa, came back out and she seemed to come right at me and also in an effort to escape.  I finally found a correct bin to use.  Medusa, also had a black cat energy, though fully a snake.  Her jaws and teeth were like a cat’s though.

Likely symbolic to the Egyptian goddess Bastet.  She was known first known as Bast the warfare goddess and after unification of the cultures of Egypt she was renamed Bastet and given the new role of protector.  Again, I don’t know much about Greek mythology or ‘gods.’ But, this appears to be a connection and also somehow linked with Mike Pence.   

I ran outside into the dark, with the snake chasing me.  At first I’d just planned to catch it in the bin and later dispose of it or figure out later what to do with it.

But, Donald Trump was there and he said, I “HAD TO” dispose of it…kill it now… or it’d be too late later and it’d come back to bite me later to kill me.  

I grabbed the snake by its head now and had to put my right hand at the base of its jaw’s joint hinge and my fingers on the sides of the jaw.  I placed my left hand on the top jaw half and push pulled my hands in opposite directions in a sideways motion.

Donald and I were sitting together now.  He held me and said something like, “The first one is always the hardest, but you get used to it.” and that it was just part of the business and deals you have to make to get by. To live.  I was still holding the snake by it’s jaws.  I now had to push-pull and tear its jaw open and apart, as I did so I began to tear up and cry. Don said, “It’s ok, it’s natural to feel that way, it gets easier each time.”

I was sobbing now and hug holding Don too while I was performing this task.  He had his arms around me as I now had to fully break the jaw of the snake and rip it open.  I did one big tear, which just opened its jaw.  Don said I had to keep on going, or it’d come back again later still to bite me.  To this point the jaws had felt and looked like a black cat’s so much that I felt even sadder!

I buried my face in Don’s chest and with his arms still around me, he told me “Its ok . . . you HAVE TO!” I continued to sob and prepared for the next tear.  My hands were still gripping the snake’s jaws and my fingers were inside its mouth. I worried briefly I might get punctured by the teeth, yet somehow it’s teeth were completely missing my fingers the whole time.

I was fully sobbing now and burying my face into Don’s cream yellow button down shirt and chest area. I ripped again at the snake. Tearing it more apart and for the 2nd time, the snake began to gasp for air and was now dying. Don told me, “I know, it’s painstakingly slow the first time.  That’s just the way it is.  But, you have to be strong and keep going.”

I now rent the snake the 3rd and final time, to fully make it so it had no way to rebuild / heal itself. I could see and feel it gasping its very last breaths.  I felt it’s life force leave its body.  I felt so horrible, like a murderer or cabal-like person that killed and sacrificed.  But, I’d killed the cabal-like creature instead. I sobbed fully now, as Don continued to hold and comfort me. 

I felt a special bond with him as he was there for me at my hour of need and it had now been formed. I worried fleetingly that I might crush on him romantically after that, but it felt all ok, like I could appreciate the bond/energies from a friendship perspective.

There was another dream sequence prior this where I’d felt sadness at the loss of the way of the old, the familiar, but knew that I must move forward with what was real now and accept that which I do have and those who ‘see me’ and love me and to choose that which is peaceful and calm and natural/easy in a good way.

When I woke I had to physically cry a little.  I had felt those same tears prior to sleeping and had cried some then too.  Upon waking, I more fully knew why and I felt I might still cry some more yet…

Here are my further interpretations of my dreams.   

Keep in mind, dreams are multi-layered and tend to mean more than one thing.  They can be personal levels and grander scale interpersonal levels.  I have seen my dreams relate to all of those things … all in one dream go.  The reason being they are energetics, thereby they reveal many things that fall within those spectrums of energies. They can point to “major shifts” and “personal shifts” because its all just energy.  The more of us that stand together and continue to say “no” to the badness around us, the more and more freedom and liberty we will see.

Without further ado:

All the mentions of the number 3 may point to there being 3 phases, or parts, to handling the serious problem/s connected with Pence or him specifically.  This may also have AI intelligence links and suggests Mike Pence may even be infected.  The Medusa stuff point to something much more ‘god-like’ being involved in this situation and there could be three specific beings involved more directly with him and even controlling him from other densities as does the ET mouse used for ‘gaming.’ Which may also suggest he’s  a pawn for higher level ETs pulling the strings.  The use of the term “hover” connects with robots and may suggest he is a ‘robot.’ Which may mean he is a clone.  In my personal experience with what I believe are robots I have found they have less soul essences.  Which makes sense when listening to the following YT video 

According to strange things there are 2 types of cloning: Replication cloning where it comes up as a baby they grow from the cells they put in to make the same person. Duplication cloning  they are grown upright in a big thick tank and there are different grades one to four,”organic robotoid”  

Strange Things. (Jan 10, 2018). Former illuminati insider: There are 2 types of Cloning. Retrieved from
I believe this also connects with the following video and I would say his ‘androids’ sound like clones. He also shows Obama later in the real showing and how they can be controlled.

StelanTV. (Jun 5, 2015). “Androids Among Us – 2015 Edition”. YouTube. Retrieved from

ET Gaming mouse could refer to and be connected with my hologram dreams as well, along with the potential that life is actually a hologram simulation game as others have stated.  The ET part also suggests ET involvement in this situation as well, which would also fit with the genetic experiment programs as shared by Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure episodes and more, along with their involvement in cloning and so much more.

The red head also points to the Nephilim which a friend of mine recently informed me the Nephilm also connect with the giants and that its said giants came about from when the ‘fallen’ angels had ‘union’ with Earthly women.  Not sure how that works out exactly! LOL. But, there you have it.

Giants again connect with another dream of mine that presents an interesting notion that time travel may be involved and giants weren't supposed to be 'giant' originally but an 'incorrect entry angle' caused size to be larger than originally intended.

Thanks for reading. 

Please post your questions or comments below. 

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