Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seeing Auras

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This video shows you how Reiki actually does change and correct your aura. You can visit the main website at

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Everyone has an aura. Most people are familiar with the chakras; the 7 main energy centers in the human body. Few people realize that these are actual frequencies of light and energy and vibrate at specific color frequencies.

Your aura is a constantly changing and adjusting to your emotional, mental and physical state while your chakras are spinning wheel of color (that remain the same) and receive and transmit energy .

Here are more in depth definitions as posted on

"AURA - is your psychic energy body- it's the energy produced by your life force, and it emanates all around you. A lot about your mental, emotional and physical state is reflected in your aura. This can be percieved in the pred

ominant color of your aura.... but please keep in mind, the aura is constantly changing in color, shape and size. Also, the strength and integrity of your aura will have a strong effect on yo

ur overall wellbeing.

CHAKRA - is a Sanskrit word meaning "spinning wheel of energy". These energy centers within our bodies receive and transmit energy, and each is situated at a major endocrine gland, and nerve bundle within the physical body, called a plexus. Each chakra is connected and associated with a different part of the body. There are seven chakras. Each chakra has a color, and different gemstones and crystals can be associated with these. Understanding and using your chakras can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and can lend energy to your manifestational work.

The aura cameras allow a person (like you and me) to see auras and chakras without any special

psychic talent. In the book "Exploring Auras" by Susan G. Shumsky she teaches you how to start working with your eye's peripheral vision to start seeing auras. On page 86 she says, "In 1970 Cambridge biologist Oscar Bagnall proposed that auras are viewed with rods - sensory neurons on the side of the retina, responsible for night vision. So auras are more easily viewed with peripheral vision, out of the corner of the eye, rather than focusing hard and directly on them. "

I myself have seen the light body envelope around myself (without the aura cameras) and at one point I even began seeing some colors; when I was practicing seeing my aura.

It was pretty cool. Everything has an aura, not just humans. You can have a photo taken of your aura at many metaphysical shops. One being Planet Earth Rising in old Folsom. Usually the camera is at the store during the psychic fairs (held the first Saturday of every month from 10-6) and sometime you can get more in depth computer aura readings from people who have an aura photographing program connected to their computer.

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