Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orb People

This is a photo I pulled off the web, as I liked how many orbs they caught on film in broad daylight.

I find orbs to be fascinating. Some people try to "explain them away" as particles of dust in light or as light reflections of one sort or another. However, not only is there a lot of info on the web but, my mom regularly "calls" them in and takes photos of them . . . in the dark. She has photos where there are tons of these white orb beings all over the place! Its really cool too when I take them into photoshop and zoom in really close on some of them. When I do that, there are some amazing colors around them. Some have purples and greens etc. I don't think this video is the best but, it is a good one for those who want the 'facts' and are skeptic of things . . . one thing I don't agree with is the 'scary' factor they try to create. I believe orbs are beings in other dimensions and that they are loving beings helping us transmute energies here on Earth to a more loving vibration.

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