Saturday, April 18, 2009

DNA altering art

Not only am I fascinated with magical studies, I am also very into art as well. Bryan De Flores is an artist who underwent a dramtic consciousness shift on Dec 4,1996. Since then he has been channeling images of the divine blueprint for a better world, via images. He has created 100's of pieces and each piece is designed to activate DNA within a person and alter consciousness. I ordered various works of his and I love them all. I used his 21 day program and I would have to say that my path has become VERY clear since then. I would also say I have been having more heightened dreams of communication with other realms of existence as well. A trip to Serius last night. Was very interesting.

Visit his website to see more images. He will do custom designs for personal needs of activations and 'stargate' artwork. the idea of a stargate, is that it is a portal to another world and he will custom design one for your needs. He has artworks for weight loss, attracting money, the crystal skulls, connecting with ETs and a TON of other things for heightening consciousness and awareness. At the very least . . . they are beautiful to look at!!!

Tarot Art

I also love the artwork Ciro Marchetti does! He is amazing with his usage of lighting. He has designed Tarot card decks (cards used for spiritual divination) and his artwork is stunning. I love using the Gilded Tarot deck, designed by Ciro.

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