Thursday, March 5, 2009

Words are Powerful Enough to Change Cell Structure

Masaru Emoto
"Water crystals from the tap water which participants offered prayer to at the Vancouver seminar on Aug 15th - after offering prayer 1"

Dr. Emoto was fascinated to explore what things affected waters behavior. He thought is would respond to non-physical events. He then did multiple studies of various water drops after applying mental stimuli. Much like a prayer, or groups that would think a same thought towards the water drops that were then placed onto petri dishes with each water drop approximately 25cc in size. Aas many as 50 dishes at a time with water drops that had different thoughts projected onto them, were then place in a freezer at -25 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours. After that they were placed into a refrigerator at -5 degrees Celsius where a microscope and a camera are set up to photograph the water crystals. Photos were taken of each individual water sample in each dish. They were sure to photograph images of the originial water and of the same water that had then been spoken, thought, or prayed over. The results are stunning, beautiful crystals form for beautiful and positive loving thoughts and scattered and nasty water reveals itself when nasty thoughts are projected.

According to USGS the human body is up to 60% water and in more in various organs. Others say we are 90% water. Being as we are largely water based beings, how then do you imagine your words affect your body's cell structure, as well as those around you? Are your thoughts positive and encouraging or are they something else? Now science has proven why we are to 'bless' our food (at least our water, for sure) as it actually alters is physical structure. Thus, it is important to be a conscious thinker not only towards yourself but to others as well.

You can learn more from watching a video titled "What the Bleep do we Know" as well as reading Dr। Emoto's books.

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