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About 4:26am

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I was walking in some kind of mall-like space, that was a factory future tech warehouse.  A princess lived here.  She was to take over after her mother, the Queen.

There were two seats situated directly across from each other.  They were connected with what looked like eight fiber optic looking cables that were thin like guitar strings.  The chairs were about thirty feet apart and the princess was sitting in one of them.  I went and sat in the other.  This place seemed to be her kingdom, yet I had more power.  She felt to be a little jealous of me and said, “Why do you even have to be here?”  But, she was open minded to looking and listening some. I could see the wheels turning in her head; she thought I might be there to usurp her power.   Then, she quickly realized I didn’t care about that.  She saw how interested I was in things and how I enjoyed my life and simple pleasures.  She wanted to be able to do that.  But, she wasn’t exactly sure how.  So she was ok with letting me sit in the other chair because I wasn’t there to usurp her.

I began to fiddle with the fiber optics at both our feet, that connected my chair area (like a Queen’s throne) to her Princess Icy rocky area.  Her area was similar to the Disneyland’s Matterhorn Abominable snowman area.  As I was adjusting a fiber optic string, it broke.  The Princess was a little mad at me for that and said, “Fine, you want to break and remove one of mine, then here, I’m gonna break and remove one of yours.”   I hadn’t done it on purpose.  But, it broke like things did at this one person’s house I stayed in for a month.  Where I would just touch something and it would fall apart or break.  I decided I didn’t want to explain it, so I replied, “I didn’t mean to and I’ll certainly look to see if I can fix or replace it. She now threw over a string at me that she had removed to no longer be connected to the chair on her side.  I again told her I didn’t do it on purpose.  I began to look around me to see if I could tie the string I accidentally broke back onto my side.  I found the other part of the string and tried to pull it back to my side to tie it together and it was way too short.  I wondered how it had ever connected to my side in the first place.

The fiber optic cable in my hand suddenly transformed into a foot long shaft, about one inch in diameter. It was similar to a fiber optic lamp I used to have, where the fiber optic insert section had hundreds of fiber optics fronds joined at their base tips.  This foot long piece in my hand didn’t have as many bristles as the one I used to have, but it still was very tightly packed and had a lot of them.   The Princess softened as she realized I was genuine and hadn’t meant to break the cord.  She was talking to me the entire time. I walked over to the piece of fiber optic on her side.  She remained seated on her throne.  There two fiber optic Cockatoos at the base of her throne, one was missing its tail.  I got the Princess to stop talking and listen to me for a moment and said, “I’m sorry, there just wasn’t a spot over there by me to hook this into (inferring the fiber optic piece in my hand) and you should have this back and use it as the tail on your second fiber optic Cockatoo bird.”    The Cockatoo area at the base of the throne was set up like a mini shrine.   I leaned down and placed the fiber optic piece into the bird’s tail spot.  The birds were both sort of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland vibe.

The Princess now fully realized I was completely genuine and sincere and that I had no desire to usurp her power, so she softened even more towards me.  She even seemed to want to help me and be my friend now.  She stopped talking in ‘cutting’ ways to me now, and was actively trying to get along with me.  She reminded me of the ‘Evil Queen’ from Once Upon A Time when she had softened and became a good guy.  She felt to be helping me energetically and she began to look for another fiber optic to connect back to my side again.   I told her, “It’s ok, if it works out and you find one, great.  If not, that’s ok too. I’ll be grateful either way and appreciate you looking.”  

There was someone else in the room, reminding me of the man I bought my Spark car from.  I was then briefly in the dealership having a conversation about sales and cars with our former fleet guy.  We had a whole conversation about sales and selling things.  He wanted to help me, as I told him sales was not my best skill. Lol



I was with a small group of people and a guy who reminded me of a family friend from my childhood named Jim Berry.  He wanted to partner up with me.  He was about 40 years old. 

I had just been with another group and that group had two bad (evil-ish) witches leading it.  Then, the group voted for a good witch to head the school(?).  The good witch then asked me for assistance and to give her advice while she was in front of about 100 students. A super snobby girl, like Ethel in the Worst Witch, was saying how she wanted the two bad-evil witched to lead again.  I nipped that in the bud right away and stated, “No way.  No thank you!”  Those two witches were abusive and pedophile-like and were.

The good witch was speaking and asking the seemingly all-girls school about something.  Then, she asked if how she was doing it was fine.  I told her, yes.

All the class groups headed outside to the river area.  The water was ICY cold looking.  We were all either going to get in or simply follow it on the river bank downstream.  The two bad witches now threatened to do stuff.  I looked at them both with my ‘Seriously’ look.  Both of them were trying to hook into me ethereally, through trying to get me to feel sorry for them or to let them energetically feed through empathy.  Instead I replied, “Sorry girls . . . ” (Not really ‘sorry,’  but more a ‘sorry’ try on their part. Lol) “ . . . I have zero empathy or concern for anyone like you two anymore.  I couldn’t care less about either of you or what happens to you.  Your kind/type now gets to reap the results (rewards) of your own actions and I feel absolutely nothing for you regarding your own results, because too many others before you have ruined it for your kind.  So I have zero empathy for you.  Compassion . . . yes. Empathy or emotion. . . NO.”  They were a little taken aback, cause they were used to manipulating and feeding off of others that way and learned instantly that wasn’t going to work with me.  So not they were threatening to poison the water and to take Billy (my old favorite black cat) from me.  I rolled my eyes at them, indicating them nothing more than unskilled children with nothing to offer me or the other girls. The Ethel-like snob girl was near us and being supportive of their idiocy, but considering to switch sides because the evil witches were no longer in power nor were they the most powerful.

The two evil witches were now saying the water was being poisoned somewhere further up the river way, more towards source and like only they knew where it was and how to stop that.  I replied, “I doubt that.” to them being the only ones who could or would stop it.  They were agitated they couldn’t ruffle my feathers or rile me up.

The good witch leader now instructed some of the girls to get into the water and just go with the flow down the river.  The water did seem to have something virus like in the stream (Flu? Nanobots?) that’d give them some kind of contaminant and age them, leading to a slow death.  Like they would blacken over time and their body parts would slowly die off that way.  But, for now, everyone looked fine and unaffected.

I got in briefly and told everyone to cross their legs, so as not to ‘romance the stone’ and then  I went down stream with them a little ways and then got back out of the water.  The two naughty-evil witches were at the spot I got out and were saying “We’d never get into the water because its poisoned” and then they threatened with something else, that was a hand sized and box-like device.  It looked sort of like the power box to a sublimation printer; they were threatening they’d do something with it.  The box felt to be red, white, blue, and black.  It seemed like a ticking time bomb made of metal, like a robot.  I replied, “Oh please, you have got to be kidding me.”  I said it in a very  ‘you guys are such idiots’ tone. They were still trying to get an emotional rise out of me.   I knew they couldn’t hurt me, but I still had to keep an eye out for the new nice head mistress and the girls.

The evil witches were very frustrated to not get an emotional reaction response from me.  So, they now offered to help locate the problem at the source.  Like it had something to do with a pink trim and a three layers and tiered white birthday cake.  I replied, “Yeah, sure, whatever, that’d be nice.  But, I won’t believe you until after I see it’s done.  Basically, as far as I’m concerned you guys are completely useless, unless I see action first, your words mean absolutely nothing at all to me.”  They were now trying to do things the right way, but only because they had no effect on me and thereby were out of power and wanted some semblance of power back. 

I was going to continue to keep an eye on them, as it wasn’t like they’d ‘changed.’  They had been left with a choice alternative that doing the wrong thing was liked less, so they opted to do the ‘right’ thing and to at least give the illusion of doing something right in hopes to regain their power again.  But, that wasn’t gonna happen.  They were lousy ‘people’ (beings) and they were still looking for ways to be naughty and wreak havoc.  



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I found myself in a very high security building structure.  It was so large, it qualified as vast.  There were many stories and rooms, similar to a San Francisco building that covered an entire city block.  It was extremely fancy, modern, sleek, and very Intel Silicone valley style.   

I snuck in now through their alarm systems by becoming invisible and passed through their walls and was now inside.  I was checking things out for fun.  I was also curious about what they do inside.  I was also there to throw a monkey wrench in their gears by proving (by way of showing) how flawed their systems were.

I flew and floated around inside . . . and . . . got spotted!  Oh . . . They did not like my being there!!! (lol)  They wanted to nab me BIG TIME! One very boss-like guy wanted to nab me in particular and bring me in for questioning.  He sent ALL his security guards after me!  But, only one or two at a time per building section.  Reminding me of the ICC prison escape dream. 

The security guards were trying all sorts of things and just as they would get near me . . . I’d pass through the floors to the lower level, or go through the walls to the next room, or fly up and through the ceiling to the room above.  They were getting very frustrated!  (lol)  They got close a few times to nabbing me, even almost touching me, but, then, I’d pass through something and a new guy would have to follow me from the new section area I entered. 

There was a main ‘Smith’ style agent after me, that reminded me of the Mafia Son guy chasing after me dream.  He was determined to catch me!  He always seemed to be following me with the one or two other security officers, possibly one of them was Duke.  The Mafia Son guy was radioing in and doing all kinds of things to try to corner me.

I now entered a room with a huge pool that was lined with lovely windows to let in the sunlight.  I seemed to get into the water and did a back float for a minute and them a forward breast stroke.  The Mafia guy entered the pool room.  He was attracted to me, but trying to stay focused. He got into the pool water with me and began to swim toward me and was very close, almost touching me.  He radioed his men to be in all the surrounding rooms.  He had gotten wise to my wall-pass-through-game some and now he had men in every surrounding room ready to nab me.  The Mafia Guy was now just about  to touch me and at the last second . . .  I passed through the walls to the outside of the building!

I was outside now floating in the air and decided to go back inside, guess I hadn’t caused enough mayhem yet. (lol)  So, I went back near the Mafia Guy and then went invisible again and passed into the wall.  I knew he had men in the rooms on the other side of the wall, so I just stayed inside the wall, seemingly as ‘one’ with the wall. 

I now moved around the building through the walls as if a ‘spirit.’  (I was somehow reminded of the dream where mama Earth wanted to marry couples.)  I then moved around inside the floors.  They couldn’t find me but, they knew where I was! (lol)   They were always hot on my tail but could never quite seem to catch me.   I thought of my shapeshifting for my animal prisoner sanctuary love dream.

I became visible and entered a large atrium now and wondered if this was the atrium I cleaned the ceiling of, in another dream, using magik.  The security men came in and still wanted to nab me.  I flew up toward the ceiling just out of reach of their hands, barely above their fingertips and so close I could almost feel their fingertips touching me . . . but not quite.  

Then, I went invisible again.

I flew over to a balcony area and decided I better leave before they sent everyone in the building and caught me. (lol)  I was like a spry faery to them.  Zip-zip-zing-zing . . . here-there. . .  GAH! . . . everywhere . . . nowhere . . . they were frustrated . . .  trying so hard! So close! And yet . . . no banana’s . . . lol!

I passed through the window, on one of the uppermost floors of the skyscraper building and was outside floating in the air.  It seemed to be night.  The guards now turned on the yellow searchlight beams to get me. (lol)  I noted their prison guard fences and barbed wire.  It seemed they might emitted a tall beam upwards toward space; reminding of the CERN mesh metal capture nets; and as though the beam to space could be used to keep me in.  But, I wasn’t worried I knew I’d be ok and find my way out.  I figured, the ‘beam’ was probably just another lie and not a real thing anyways.  Just another story they told of something like, ‘the beam shot way up to the moon and back.’ It was possible Saturn might have been involved somehow as well.  I was reminded of the Mirror World dream where I unsealed the room that the announcer inside the boring little room was trying to convince me I would be trapped inside forever and after a few minutes I decided I was board and leaving and so I spoke my language and unsealed the door and left..

This CERN vibe building also reminded of the CERN building dream with the fans on the rooftop and by extension Terry Perry and the vortex delivery systems and how there were two versions of her.

Three or four birthdays also seemed involved, with one being my own.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018



I had just left ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’s’ house and now I found myself at an outdoor competition event.

 Groups and Teams were being decided. 

It seemed an Ender’s game type game.  I walked by a guy who reminded me of Ken, a former youth pastor of mine.  He asked me, “Do you want to sign up for golf?”  I replied, “Frisbee golf?” He said, “No, regular pro golf.” I could tell he was wondering if I knew how to ‘play’ golf at all due to my hesitation, so I filled in the blanks for him, “I do know how to play . . . But, I don’t want to.  So, No, don’t sign me up.”  I continued to head toward the main indoor event.

As I walked towards the main event, I saw Gorik in his more Walt Disney disguise.   He seemed a little ego arrogant like he was better than me because he was ‘famous’ and I was just some po-dunk nobody and why should someone as famous as him want or need to talk with someone so unknown as me.   He actually did want to talk with me, but he didn’t want it to look obvious that he did.  He approached me now and we walked together toward the main event.  He began to tell me how we view things differently, even ‘challenges.’  I asked him what he meant by ‘challenges’ and if he could define it.  He seemed a little annoyed I even asked.  I explained, “You just made it clear we view A LOT of things differently and because my view is likely very different, I need you to define the word.”  Gorik replied, “You have ‘wants.’  I have ‘needs.’”  I then asked him, “What do you mean by ‘wants’ and ‘needs?’  And what do you mean by ‘me’ having ‘wants’ and you having ‘needs?’  What kinds of needs?  Can you define them?”  Gorik was very annoyed with me now.  He considered me stupid for even needing to ask about something so simple.

We then arrived at the main indoor event location.  Gorik wanted me with him, but he was awkward and embarrassed being seen with me in front of his co-workers and the crowd.  But, he continued to talk with me. I followed him over to the main event speaker table.   He sat down to my left and got busy with paper work.  There were around eight other ‘famous’ type speakers at the table as well, also preparing. I remained standing and started to ask Gorik if he wanted to meet up later to talk. Then his security officer, an MIB style guy, came over and started talking with him and leaned across the table directly in front of me to whisper-speak to Gorik.  I felt rather awkward standing there and thought I overheard them speaking about me and the event, but I wasn’t sure.  They finally had a lull in their conversation so I tried to interject quickly, “So, are we just gonna meet up later to talk some more, or no?” As I was asking my question, the MIB guy turned into a sort of Tasmanian Devil whirlwind and literally whisked Gorik away in the whirlwind, so my question was instead heard by two salt and pepper haired older men in their 60’s, one with thick bushy eyebrows . . .  and . . . they were french kissing . . . I was like, ‘uh….ok….this is awkward….’and I walked off to the main event area. The other guest speakers had left the same time Gorik had.

I made my way to the balcony section, where I could overlook the event from above. It was a competition of teams and there were around eight to ten people on the stage at a time seated in chairs with headgear pieces on.  It seemed like it was a role-play ‘space attack’ type game, for multiple players.  Something maybe more like a blend of Star Wars and Ender’s Game.   There were two teams with four to five players a team.

I was now being given a headset piece by a rules person/event coordinator, to communicate with player #4 or #5 up front on stage.  I think it was #4.  I accepted the headset piece.  It reminded me of headphones only the ear area was hard plastic that jutted out sorta like ears themselves to put in my ears.  The headpiece was shiny white with some modernesk blue accents and an eye piece attached for viewing with the left eye.  I began to test the microphone to ensure it worked like the ‘rules’ person stated who’d handed it to me and as I tested it I said “Number one” then “two, three, four, five…” each time I said a number it switched from one person to the next on the stage.  On the large overview flat screen I saw a green radar type thing that moved over a pie shape wedge each time I stated a new number. To speak with an individual player, I had to focus on them and say their number to be on their channel. The game helper was looking at me, I stated “I had to test it out first to make sure it was working right.” The game helper agreed that I would definitely want to have fully functional equipment.   For fun and amusement, I then put the headset on like a headband across my forehead as though a crown. 

Next, I went back downstairs and onto the stage and faced the crowds.  I didn’t know what I was supposed to do exactly but I knew I’d figure it out as we went along.  I then put the headpiece on backwards with the eyepiece behind my head and on the right. I was thinking the eye piece was for my right eye.   Then someone (a girl?) from where I’d been sitting in the balcony empathed to me to turn it around and place it over my left eye.  I expected once I got it on correctly I’d see ‘the world’ the game was being played in along with likely holographic scrolling words and/or data.  I turned the headset around so it was properly over my left eye and the ear pieces seated inside my ears. 

I was now able to hear all the players through the earpieces… 

Then I woke up . . .

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Question:  How to access my powers, through love, in Waking 3D Life on my (and everyones) Optimal temporal timeline?

Dream Emailed to SBA (Sphere Being Alliance - August 1, 2017  - 0027_Dreams-Vatican.pdf)

Michael Salla Connecting Article Post September 2017:

Note the similar dream jet drawing of mine to the image on Salla’s page. 

Recent Connecting YouTube video that was deleted soon after upload tonight by: thirdphaseofmoon (maybe it will be re-uploaded with a new link?)

I am uncertain of why it was deleted. Could be the launch info changed or it was ‘removed’ by ‘others.’  I took some notes and screenshots that connected with my dream.  There was expected to be a loud sonic boom over the LA area tonight around 7:21pm their time zone.  I don’t know if that will occur or not now.  But, it was said Elon Musk warned about it.


I was standing on the back deck of my home, overlooking the backyard.  I looked up and was watching a jet plane.  It was white with a thick orange stripe marking near, or on, the bottom of the plane.  It may have been two-tone – ¾ white and ¼ light orange.

It was set to fly over my yard.  At first it was way high up, moving very slow.  I watched it grow larger as it came closer to me. As it got closer, I could somehow hear the talk inside my head that was going on inside of the jet or I was hearing the news on the TV that they were heading somewhere (Antarctica?).  It was a military jet with a few passengers on board.  The jet was now almost over the yard and very large . . . bigger . . . lower . . . closer . . . lower . . . and closer still . . . it was now directly over the yard and going fairly slow, then it turned in a tight “U” and definitely not normal for a typical jet and it went extremely slowly back the way it had just come.  The jet couldn’t have been moving faster than 10 or 15 Miles Per Hour. 

I could see (in my minds eye) a pilot with dark sunglasses on an in an MIB (Men In Black) style suite. The MIB was an Air Force guy . . . and . . . they were watching me.  It felt to be a USAF (United States Air Force) jet.  I could feel there were around 15 to 20 passengers onboard spackled sparsely about.

The plane now came back a second time to pass over the yard and seemed to now be moving the same slow speed only this time, backwards and lower still about hand or fist size if I held it up to gain perspective.  I estimated it was around 100 to 500 feet above the yard.  Then, it stopped and forward, going back the way it had just come flying backwards.  Oddly, it felt a passenger or one of the pilots forgot something and were going back to the shuttle launch bay again for it. 

Then, the jet turned around again and came back a third time with it’s front end heading towards me and the yard again.  They were still ‘pretending’ it was all normal and as if this jet was for ‘other’ things.  I could still hear them talking somehow on the radios or the Television news.  Now, the jet positioned itself vertical, with its nose tip straight up and it was getting lower, and lower, as if it was going to land right there in my backyard.  Now the jet was coming extremely and appeared it was about to land on top of the yard fence-line.  I was a reasonably safe distance away as this jet came down.  I did not recall hearing any sounds.  Just as the jet back end was about to touch down on the fence-line, they engaged the jets.  I saw what was more like white steam and smoke-like-mist come out of the four round jet ports at the base of the plane, I still didn’t recall hearing any sounds to this point, it was silent.   It also seemed to operate on different gravity principles.

Then, the jet began to go up like a rocket launching and only minor steam and water base vapors came out.  The jet went straight up and still extremely slow and controlled.  They were watching me and trying to act like this jet was just a ‘normal’ commercial airliner! (lol)  Then, the jet finally went back again the way they’d originally came.  I thought they were higher up again by that point, even a hundred or so feet above the tree-line and then they went back horizontal like a normal jet again and then, took off like a quiet shot and were gone!

Now, I was inside the house and seemed to be both watching or looking at an (old?) report in black and white on a TV or seeing a still magazine article page about the launch/take-off of this new advanced tech jet.  When the jet hovered, I was reminded of my brother’s stories about how similar types of jets used to follow him  in his car and perform all sorts of different unnatural to standard jet maneuvers.

The article was both rectangular and square.  It was like looking at an old school black and white TV screen (1950’s?) and the black and white article.  But, it was just the ‘cover story’ for the real reason they were using it.

I thought of what an aerospace illustrator had said to me at one time regarding fear based training for people with abilities like mine and thought-felt these were those types of people that might be getting taken to one of those type of facilities.

There was another dream scene of some sort before this, where I seemed to be in a casino speaking with casino pit boss, that connected with another dream.


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2018_03_18_MAR 'SSP' GUYS and STORM I BREW

2018_03_18_MAR  'SSP' GUYS and STORM I BREW

I found myself at a college-like campus inside one of the campus dorm rooms. I was dealing with a rather unruly and rude group of people.  Actually, most seemed ok, but there were a handful of jerk troublemakers.  They weren’t too severe, more the typical emotional-abuser-bully types, the kind who are used to emotionally abusing others to get their way.

I went outside to where a crowd of about 100 people were and decided I was tired of the bully types running things, so I decided to use my magik.   There was one guy in particular who was being a total jerk.  He was fairly handsome and used to having his way.  But, I was done with his type running the show.

I spoke very loudly and clearly to the crowd of people. My voice boomed out.  I was very pleased by this.  The bully guys wanted to shut me up.   My voice energies were a beautiful blue light verging on purple-blue.  As I spoke, I confounded the bullies and was now going to show my powers.  One of the male bullies ran at me and tried to attack me to force me to shut up and be quiet.  I simply used my magik to deflect him.  Another guy also tried to lung at me, who reminded me of Patrik.  I had a little bit of trouble deflecting him, but then I spoke my language somewhat angrily at him and scolded him very badly, speaking my language and his all at the same time.  I was angry with him for his abusive-bully foolishness and I let him know just how utterly disgusted and done I was with his type treating me and other so poorly.  He was now crumpling to the floor. A one, two, or three, of the female bullies came running at me now, accusing me of all kinds of things I didn’t do. 

I flew up into the air leaving the girls down below, as they continued to throw out false verbal accusations at me.  I then made a huge storm come in with very dark clouds and thunder and lightning, with my voice continuing to boom out.  They all looked, watched, and listened, some in fear.  I spoke loudly in my language and then in their language, as though to interpret for them.

I came back down to the ground and growl warned anyone who came near me to behave themselves and watch it!  I went into a smaller room now with 20 to 30 people or so inside and I spoke very loudly, so those outside could hear me too.  Some were very afraid.

I stayed the storm.

I said, “You see my magik abilities and powers now! I can do that and SO MUCH MORE!  I could do great damage and destruction to you all . . . do you know why I do not?   A girl shyly answered, “because you don’t want to hurt us?” She reminded me of the little bully girl I dealt with in another dream. I said, “That is exactly correct and these powers cannot be used for harm anyways.  Though I can use them for protective and preventative measures and to bend the will of other’s around my own.  That is to say, those who choose to interfere with my life, I may directly interfere with theirs because they have given me permission.  It matters not to me if they interfere with my life in Waking 3D Life or in soul-spirit realms.  It matters not to me the ‘where’.”

Some more Super Stealth Program guys tried to run at me again.  One felt like Ken, but was appearing as a younger version of himself, he was trying to shoot me.  I somewhat angrily used my magik to energy wrap him and his negative energy bullet and proceeded to severely scold-chide him, “We both already know how foolish that is and how that won’t work on me.” Then, I somewhat rudely pushed him aside to let him know he was still acting like a foolish idiot. 

Now another guy tried to come at me, with Duke energy. He was trying to conjure his behemoth snake again. I boomed out loudly and somewhat angrily dissipated the creature he was trying to form and I scolded him, “IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SPECIES A THING OR PERSON IS AND  shame on you for using a poor snake and his species in such a vile way!!!  I then blew him back with chi energies from my hands, like I did with the intruders in the glass house dream. . . then . . . I left the room.

Now Gorik came up to me and was trying to bully me.  He was accusing me of being some kind of “kitten” or some type of “tiger” or some kind of “sex crazed animal.”  At first I spoke to him softly, he wasn’t listening.  I tried a second time softly, he still wasn’t listening.  Then, I grabbed him and very loudly and directly into his face I said, “I AM A DRAGON! A BIG, LARGE, ROYAL WHITE DRAGON!” He didn’t fully believe me and even scoffed at me. “You have seen me utilize my form somewhat and Patrik has seen me fully in it!  I am here to fix and change things and I already have!”  He was now trying to grab at me and hit me, just like he did in the soul cleanse dream where he couldn’t hit me and he became exhausted trying, but he was right up next to me and I said, “We both know you can’t do anything to me that way . . . grow up already and get a clue.”  He kept trying and I walk-push shoved him away and back.  I then somewhat angrily energy wrapped him in a sphere and continued to speak my language.  He was starting to believe me some, though he was extremely arrogant still. He continued to be very close to me.  His energies now shifted through an array of other peoples’ energies I knew and that he reminded me of.  I told him he had to be himself now to speak with me.  I continued to display my powers to what was becoming a growing crowd of people.  Gorik was starting to believe more because he couldn’t thwart me or negative energy affect me. He also knew I meant what I said and that I meant business with my Twin Flame . . . because I said so. 

The fear was dwindling and bullies were getting the message and starting to stop their bad behaviors.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


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Q:  What do I need to have shown to me?

I found myself on the second floor of the mall with Gorik, again appearing as my brother, along with some others.   I entered into a small convenience like store similar to the lil mom and pop one in Camino, CA.  I was looking down isles with a mini shopping cart I was placing candy into to buy.  I had three things in my cart, a mixed bag of candy containing candies such as: Snickers, Hersheys, butterscotch candies, and other similar types of candy.  I had a single piece of another kind of candy I couldn’t quite make out what it was and maybe a palm size red bouncy ball.  One of the two guys directly with me was my ‘brother.’   We were there to meet someone, a contact,  at another location in the mall.  Gorik told me, “come on, hurry up, we have to go.”  I decided I didn’t want all of the candy in my mini shopping cart after all and took the cart over to the register.  Habib, an Arab Indian man seemed to be the checker and I said to him, “I don’t want everything in my cart.”  I was in a hurry now and didn’t have time to do a credit card payment. 

Gorik didn’t want to wait any longer and went to the main mall section.

I pulled the one candy item that I couldn’t make out what it was, out of my cart and handed it to Habib to ring it up,  He told me it was $1.36. I said, “Oh good.” and I pulled out $2 in cash of my $3 from my black cell phone wallet and handed it to him.  He rang up the sale and counted back to me my change, giving me silver coins and copper pennies in a stack.  I thanked him and he said he’d put away the other two items for me.  I thank him again and headed out to the main mall section on the second floor to find Gorik.

I spotted him and went to main mall are where he was at, but I didn’t go over to him at his location, I just stayed nearby and in eye site view.  There was a big husky man that felt like Gorik’s friend Duke in W3DL and who stood about a foot taller than me with wavy-curly black hair.  Duke spotted me and came over to me in a very stealthy-like fashion and began to mumble talk to me, “What, do you want to be spotted?”  He said it like I was being super obvious about looking for a secret mall contact because I was playing it off as if I was looking for a friend.  I thought Duke was being over the top obvious by looking all MIB style, though is seemed he wasn’t completely over the top because he didn’t seem to be wearing the MIB glasses to go with the rest of the look.  He also felt to be something of a computer hacker kinda guy. I asked Duke if the game was to pretend we were a couple and if we were to kiss or something.  He told me nope and was sort of thinking me a groupie for a moment because of that.

Duke then began leading me toward the quarter wall overlook seating a little distance away and stopped as we approached and stated, “Here, you need a shot of this.”  and he pulled out what appeared to be a Icee Spray candy that felt to be the blue color. I opened my mouth and then paused a moment to ask, “What’s it for?” he answered, “So you can hear me better.”  It seemed the ‘spray candy’ would help me decode whatever language he actually spoke, like he was an alien or something that spoke in chitters, crackles, numbers, or even clicks and pops (Mantis race?)  Duke spritzed one spray into my mouth.

Various mall shoppers continued milling around our location, but most went around us as if we were inside a reasonably sized circle with a certain radius for distance.  Duke again directed me toward the seating area, “Come with me.”  The ‘candy’ now began to take effect as we walked.  Everything around me seemed to do a weird “Bzzzzzzar” type sound, as if it was a film camera focus pull-in made just for ears and in particular, my ears.  I was hearing everything ‘the same’ only I was now mildly giddy and everything was extremely strange. . . sounds became more ‘milky-like’ and I felt I could almost see and feel another wave length, density, or dimension, and as if I was walking through it at that moment.  I could feel the sounds around us as being thicker. I was trippin’ and exclaimed softly, “Whoa . . .  that’s neato . . .” It was as though I was seeing things psychedelically only it was for ears and hearing.  The ‘spray candy’ had made sounds so thick I could almost see them.  It was very cool.  I seemed sort of intoxicated, only I was completely sober, but my state of mind was very different.  So much so, I had to lean on Duke to walk.  My hearing/sound senses were so heightened I needed my grid lattice energy field to be directly touching his grid lattice energy field, as though it was to remind my lattice again how to walk.

I continued trippin’ on this new and cool experience as Duke was now telling me all kinds of things to do with our next contact and something to look for or expect. We reached the quarter wall cement bench seat area and Duke sat down.  I was totally trippin’ out on the effects of the ‘candy’ and how I was experiencing sound, I sat down on Duke’s lap.  He held me for a minute as he continued talking to me some more, then I said, “This is so weird.” Inferring my altered state and how I was totally trippin’ fascinated by it all and the sounds.  The candy also made it so I could only hear him, though I definitely was hearing all the sounds around me too, only they were more muffled and muted.  But if I wanted to, I could full on pick and choose what sounds or conversations I wanted to hear . . . anywhere . . . even miles away . . . or in another country.  All I had to do was focus in on what I wanted to hear and all the other sounds would be muted and muffled background noise, unless I chose to focus directly on them. I was stoked on this and acting like I was on LSD seeing auras or something, only this was for ears and hearing.  Yet, I was fully cognizant.  I was so amazed and even overwhelmed that it was like I was drunk too, but definitely not drunk either.

I was now laying on Duke’s lap and trippin out fascinated. Duke responded, “Never had that reaction before.” Apparently, most people noticed nothing and even he himself didn’t seem to notice the effects like I was experiencing either.  Most people would get a spritz and then they’d hear the other person better and that was pretty much that.  I sat up again on Duke’s lap and the rest of our group came over now, including Gorik.  I slid off of Duke’s lap now and lay down on the cement bench seat with my head resting on the planter part.   Gorik asked, ‘What’s with her?” Duke replied, “I gave her the spray.”  Gorik responded, “huh . . .” it felt when he’d had it before and had maybe a lightly more heightened than most reaction, but nothing like what I was having. I scooted over some more on the bench and made a spot for Gorik between Duke and I and Gorik laid down to next to me on my right and next to Duke’s left.

An attractive half-black/half white man also came over and sat down next to me on my left and a very tall female, reminding me of Wendy, to his left.  Gorik and I now sat up and he introduced me to Alex.  But, I already knew Alex and we had already seen each other in the convenience store earlier.  I slipped my hand to be holding Alex’s hand between my leg and his.  We were all sitting so close to one another that we all were touching the person next to us.   I told Gorik a lil’ sheepishly that Alex and I had already met. But, that we’d not done anything more than hold hands or go roller skating together.  Gorik wanted to also hold my hand now. So I awkwardly slipped my hand down between my right leg and Gorik’s left leg and held his hand as well. We all lay back down again and Alex grabbed the Wendy’s hand too.  We all held hands for a few minutes as we talked some more.  I needed to be touching someone to help ‘ground’ or ‘stabilize’ me. I still felt like I could just ‘go up-up and away and fly off to wherever’ if not touching someone. 

We all sat up again as Andrew approached now.  Alex and I stopped holding hands, as did some of the others. Gorik and I continued to hold hands a little longer until we both felt a little awkward about holding hands so long being ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ that we let our hands naturally appear to part.  Gorik and I both spoke some with Andrew.  Andrew then asked me about holding his hand too, which I didn’t, but everyone was cool with that.

Now the ‘contact guy’ arrived and was giving us specific info about something, like brownies, or something that was a dark poop energy and I thought of the ‘poop’ (technically yogurt) emoji. Whatever the contact was talking about was very important and reminded of a handful of dreams. As he was talking about other things too he seemed to be pulling them out of a black trash bag, as if that made it and him stealthy.  He was going into specifics about people, places, and things to look for and I heard him hecka clear and knew exactly what he was talking about. Once he finished we all got up and parted ways for the time being. 

But upon waking, I could not recall what we’d talked about.


Friday, July 13, 2018




Directive: To be with my TF tonight.


I was at some very fancy, modernistic, futuristic, high tech building place.  It was a very large building and reminiscent to a very modern designed event type building, but it was a very posh nosh worker building, very upper echelon white collar workers.  At first I was inside, it was a ‘party’ and “Grandpa’s.”  It seemed like a Christmas party, only no one dressed up anymore and it seemed like the people were more Hawaii luau style attire and tiki torches. Since grandma had died, things had changed to being more casual, as the dressing up bit seemed to be more because of how grandma had wanted it.  Grandpa, seemed to be dying.  He was weak and on his death bed, but he still up and walking around. 

I was being bestowed some type of honor or recognition in ‘the group.’  ‘The group’ seemed to be the wealthy elite with extremely high GPAs/IQs that were the decision makers of this huge and largely made up of ‘glass’ corporate building, geniuses.  It seemed they were announcing I was receiving some kind of award.  But, I was leery of everyone that worked here and suspect of the award. A young man who was my friend was with me.

I walked off by myself to the back bedroom that was mine and my parents quarters.  I opened the closet and the only thing hanging inside it was a dress I’d worn to the family Christmas parties as a little girl of around 10.  It looked like I might have been able to fit in it, if I’d been about 10 to 15 pounds lighter.  It was off white eggshell color cream and had four parts it: dress with bell flare bottom that would sit just above the knees, little short sleeve jacket top, petticoat, and matching dress shoes with low heals.  I pulled it off the rack holding it up by the hanger in front of me and looked at it a moment. It had a little bit of lace on it and reminded me some of the colonial times, then I placed it back inside the closet  thinking how I always hated having to wear dresses just because I was a ‘girl.’  I was glad we didn’t ‘have to’ get dressed up anymore for these parties, but I also found myself sort of missing it too, as it was kind of fun to have an event to get all dressed up for like that.

My parents came into the room and my dad lay on the bed without a shirt on because it was hot.  My mom sat on the bed next to him.  I continued looking in the closet at the dress and reminisced to mom and dad about how much I hated wearing dresses in general and sort of laugh telling them a reminder story of how I jokingly had always called it ‘World War 3’ when they’d make me get into dresses as a little girl. I then saw in my mind’s eye a memory of myself standing alone wearing the dress and having been told “smile” for the photo and I tried to smile for it but it was more like a flat line mouth and slight upturn of lips and not really a smile, as it was obvious I was unhappy about wearing a dress but still trying to ‘smile’ for the photo and so considering the scenario it was a decent job of ‘smiling.’ I looked at least somewhat ‘pleasant’ but it was evident I was not thrilled about it.

I went the few paces over to the bed now and told mom and dad we had to get out of there right away! We all went outside the room with opaque walls and out to the main glass building vaulted ceiling area and out the glassed building doors.  I continued to talk with mom and dad and tell them we had to leave immediately and that what was going on inside was dangerous. 

I looked up at the sky and a huge cyborg looking tanker, cigar shaped, “elongated-bean-can-style” ship was hovering now visible in the sky around a 500 yards or so above ground and slightly away from our standing positions.  The ship front flat end visible to our view had a single eye port on it, like a highly advanced laser pointer and was a solid brushed steel looking metal and the barrel of the ship was more like a Borg cube vessel with raised and lowered blocky and T shaped design raised surfaces. The raised areas seemed to serve as windows.  Around windows they glowed a white-blue-teal color.  These went all over the entire barrel of the ship in a balanced asymmetric kind of way.  The ship was a prisoner vessel and carried thousands of people on it, maybe around 5 to 7 thousand or so.  The large majority were slave workers, who didn’t really know they were slave workers doing things to lead to their own death, like in The Island film.    It felt very ‘borg’ style but I knew everyone on board looked human and that there were a handful of science lab doctors for every two or three hundred or so prisoners also on board the vessel. They ran all the experiments and collected the samples and organs from the slave ‘donors’ when it was there ‘time’ to be called as the ‘chosen one.’  

I knew I had to get back inside the building and mom and dad too, but it felt they were only after me.  I knew it saw us . . . me . . . I told mom and dad we had to leave and go inside immediately before it scanned any of us!  As I began to walk back to the building and was about halfway there, the ship scanned me with a more pie wedge shaped energy beam, reminding me of a radar green pie shape wedge going around scanning and blipping on the way on a flat screen, only this was more 3-dimensional and scanning my whole body.  They finished their first scan of me as I got almost to the door, then they immediately shot at me the red laser beam also from the eye beam of the vessel and I felt a weird sensation in my lower left back/side area and like they were numbing me and trying to paralyze me so they could snatch me. I was reminded of the 3 times knifed in the back dream when pre-sleep I had asked why Andrew was showing up so much in my dreams and I learned he was romantically involved with a Nephilim and his lust for her had allowed them to drug him up so he had no powers or abilities accessible and then two very big guys sandwich held him and knifed him, only I experienced that dream as though him and I had little to no ability to access my powers, just enough to protect my hand each time I pulled the blade out of my back.  This was reminiscent to that experience physical back sensations, only here, now, since the lust was not mine and I was ‘clean’, they could not fully penetrate me and instead it was like I was slogging through water and mud now, as the beam also ordinarily paralyzed the victim.  The evil ‘school marm’ lady seemed to be operating the beam on the ship and had decided to move me up on the list for ‘collection.’

I was barely moving now and there also seemed a mild suction wind pulling me back.  It seemed ordinarily this beam paralyzed the victim and then they suck them up into the ship.  Only I was a bit tricky for them as I hadn’t done anything to give them any right to take me like that.  I grabbed onto the door handle with movements like being in slow motion and I hung on and opened it as the suction threatened to grab and lift my feet off the ground.  The semi-numb feeling remained localized on my low left back almost side area, but I felt no pain or back muscle spasms like I did when I woke from the being knifed in the back 3 times dream.  This just felt like a section trying to be numbed but unsuccessful.  I barely got myself inside the door and the door reclosed itself.

It seemed the laser beam could not penetrate through the glass and wall matrix structure of grandpa’s building.  I was safe for the time being, but I still had to leave the building and get out of there. I could walk and move normally now.

A MIB style guy now was beamed down outside the door and he came inside, reminding some of the ‘not’ Will Smith MIB guy, only this guy was different looking to that and had white, silver-grey hair and it would have been curly had it not been combed gently back to be more of a wavey look.  He looked about 65 and like one of the two gay men that I’d seen kissing in the dream the other night just before Gorik was Tasmanian-Devil-style whisked away by his a security officer of his and he also seemed to be the same guy in the women’s bathroom the other night and I wondered why he was in there. The evil school marm was also now down on the ground with him.  It seemed she had been teleported down, whereas the MIB/MIG (Men in Black / Men in Grey) had been wave-beamed down through the laser eye beam ship technology.   They both came inside and walked me over to a window counter-desk and the MIB guy sat down and pulled out a couple of papers.

They were papers about me and one of them had a time stamp of 3:51pm. I looked at the type font on them, reminding me of my legal documents and the papers were honors papers and the MIB might have changed his mind about me if the evil school marm wasn’t there ensuring he do his job.  He read over the papers and mused, “Shame. She’s a pretty one.” then “See that?” sort of to the lady, “She has a hypothalamus.” Like he was referring to the base of my skull and upper neck area and back section at the base of the brain with a cord bundle that came down into the neck area, “This is highly unusual” and he continued to talk saying how others don’t usually have that and so this made me a genius.  He seemed to be referring to my dream abilities.  He seemed to want the school marm to change her mind about killing me for body parts and instead use me for my genius.  But, they knew they never could control me, so the lady wanted to have me whumped off before I could start gathering a crowd and telling people the truth.  So the lady told the guy, “nope, we are going to kill this one and use her as a full body ‘donor.’” They planned to dissect me and shell out my body parts to others.  I said, “I don’t want to be a donor of any kind, and especially not a ‘full body’ donor!”

Then, I seemed to escape from them for a moment and I fast walked into another section of extremely high ceiling glass building and came to rounded type very modernistic bar type setup.   I saw a small canal of water around it, reminding me of a manmade pool waterway that might be seen at a Water World fun park, like a mini version of the Lazy River inner tube float. It went only around half of the circular bar and near the window wall. I noted a golden brown looking Spaniel dog just in the water at the entry point and it was having trouble keeping it’s nose above the water. 

I decided to get into the water and help him.  The water came up to my mid-waist and I reached out my left arm and could barely reach my hand under the dogs belly and as I pushed up on him I could feel his empty stomach suction in and to where I felt the base of his rib cage as though he was almost just the bones.  He took in two or three more breaths through his nose of water as it’d dip under the water and I finally got close enough to move in with my other hand and lift him up so he could breath with his nose above the water.  He seemed tired and needing a rest so I grabbed him up completely into my arms and walked holding him mostly out of the water in my arm.   For some reason he needed to go around this waterway “C” shape, so I began to walk us both around it, also thinking maybe this will keep me hidden from the MIB/MIG guy and evil school marm lady. The Spaniel had another friend with him in the water.  A female black dog doing a back float, she seemed totally fine and I could see her doggy nipples and belly and gave her some pet-rubs on her tummy and she really liked that and then she rolled over and swam some with us. 

I made my way around to the other end of the “C” waterway and climbed out the mini waterway wall side with the Spaniel.  I set him down on the ground and he continued to stay close.  I noticed a blue colored approximately 6 inch looking vacuum exhaust type hose.  The hose was run through a separate small section of water sharing an adjoining short wall with the main “C” curve I’d just gotten out of, but its contents were separate.  It seemed the ‘water’ outside the hose was made up of chemicals of some sort and even acidic-like and I could see an oily type rainbow haze layer on the top, possibly from gasoline type compounds.

I switched on the red ‘on’ button.

The other end of the vacuum hose was connected to the tinted glass windows and was connected to a hole that would blow out onto the upper very modernesk deck area, reminding me of the ICC prison escape dream and the giant dream of leaving the negative future timeline.  On the deck stood around eight to ten high level white collar decision maker corporate suit men and women.  They had fruity type drinks in their hands and were discussing a project of some sort. These were top level-head employees.  Now, the air from the hose began to blow a lot out the hole and it was like a mini tornado for them or Tasmanian dust devil and they were getting blown all about as if in a wind generator fun tube.  I went outside to them and they were huddled into a small group now and holding onto their hats, clothes, and the guard railing so as not to get blown away.  I asked if they were ok and they were.  I said, “Wow, I hadn’t expected that!” (so much wind).  Then I went back inside and I or someone else turned off the red button switch and the winds stopped blowing on the group.

My young male friend was with me again and the MIB/MIG guy and marm lady now spotted me and caught up with me again.  The Spaniel went off somewhere else in the building now.  I seemed to somehow knock out the evil school marm lady, but the MIB/MIG got me and had me by the shoulder and was now guiding me towards the outside through the main entry/exit entrance.  I told him again, I did NOT want to be a donor!  He said it wasn’t his decision and this is just what they do and this was/is his job to haul in the people they chose. 

My parents were walking behind us and my young male friend was walking next to me.  The MIB asked who was my father was or who was like my father.  My young male friend spoke up and said he was like a father to me, twice. He was trying to get the MIB’s hands off of me. 

We entered a room like a large atrium and made our way to the doors.  There was a fairly good size group of low level white collar workers gathered near the exit/entry doors.    The MIB/MIG  guy was now telling me to keep quiet as we got near the crowd of around 50 to 100 workers. . . so . . . as we got near the crowd standing by the main entry/exit doors talking amongst themselves. . . I began to yell-say, “SEE THIS GUY? HE’S GOING TO TRY TO KILL ME!  HE’S GOING TO TRY TO MURDER ME! HE’S THE ONE WHO DOES THIS STUFF!” The MIB/MIG guy tried to look like he didn’t do anything like that and like I was crazy or just making it up.  But, people were listening to me and looking.  “EVER HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER JUST SUDDENLY GET ILL FOR NO APPARENT REASON?  OR JUST SUDDENLY DOESN’T SEEM TO FEEL GOOD?  OR JUST SUDDENLY DISSAPEARS?”  The crowds were fully listening and many were angry now, as many of them had lost near and dear loved ones like that too! “WELL THIS IS ONE OF THOSE GUYS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT!”  A small group of people had now crowded around the MIB/MIG guy who’d been trying to discreetly take me out the building to his black van so he could take me back to his place to kill and dissect me.  A handful of the younger thirties year old strong and healthy men grabbed the MIB/MIG guy and pulled him off of me. 

My friend and I quickly walked out the doors with my parents.  

The MIB/MIG guy was able to make it just out the door, but now he had the full attention of all the people that’d been inside and they were an angry mob now of people after him and aware of the truth. A small group of them about 7 to 8  took him off to the side of the building front doors.  One guy now hit him extremely hard in the face with his elbow, making his nose bleed, and then they threw him so hard onto the hard cement that his head smacked the ground.  My group and I were now about thirty paces away as I turned my head to look back over my shoulder and I now saw the small group of men around the MIB/MIG guy and about 3 to 4 of them were brutalizing him. The crowd was now mostly outside looking on and ready to step in if needed. One guy lifted his very heavy duty military grade black leather steel toed style boot and took the base of the heel down directly onto the side of the MIG guy’s head and I saw the MIG guy’s head go off to the side as though given a boxing knockout punch. The rest of the men were now kicking him all over his body. The MIG/MIB guy was getting bloody now and seemed unconscious.  I looked around and saw three to four other Tasmanian devil style vortex fights going on nearby and was reminded of a bar room fight scene how everyone just starts to fight everyone because everyone else is. But, these other vortex beating groups may have been because other co-workers were involved in things maybe they should not have been, but the fighting was much more mild not necessarily as brutal or death sentence like the MIG/MIB guy beating was.      

The MIG/MIB guy had now likely been beaten to death.  My mom also had turned and looked some and said, “That is disgusting.”  I said, “Yeah, I know.  But he deserved it.”  She agreed with me, even as much as it disgusted her to do so. 

We all now had suitcases and were heading out to the parking lot.  I said we need a different car to drive. Inferring we couldn’t take dad’s vehicle as they’d know to look for that, or my vehicle or any vehicle any of us had driven before.  It seemed I had a new vehicle of some sort and that I said ‘it would do’ and that we had to get out of there right away and go somewhere we’d never been before.     

Then I woke up . . .