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2018_05_18_MAY Hawaii Volcano Erupting - 2 Reasons Why

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Pre-sleep directive
Q2: Most important, want & need to know?

I was waiting in an outdoor garage breezeway for my Twin Flame, who was again appearing as my brother.

Just prior this I had called  a family meeting, where my brother and parents attended. My ‘brother’ didn’t want to do any of the things I had suggested.  But, mom and dad thought my ideas were good.   As I waited in the breezeway, I now heard Gorik go back in to talk with mom.  I overheard him being very snide rude about the meeting I had called earlier as he arrogantly stated, “Maybe we should call another meeting . . . and this time even invite Ari.”  He was talking about me, like I wasn’t wanted, welcome, or even invited before and had just showed up with all these ideas I was trying to stuff on everybody else and like no one had really wanted me there much less listen to what I had to say. 

However, as annoyed as he was, he was genuine about calling this second meeting because he wanted . . . or more accurately . . . needed . . . my input, opinion, and advice.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go or attend another meeting with him.  He’d been rather rude and opposing during the first meeting and would put down basically anything I said and was very negative about my ideas in general.  But, now, he needed me and my advice.  I decided I’d see how his behaviors were when he approached me to ask me to the meeting. 

Suddenly, I was feeling very weird about waiting in the breezeway for Gorik, as he had been talking like I was a stalker.  So, I decided to go into the house alone, that I was originally planning to go in with him.

I found myself visiting Aunt Claire at the family vacation home.  I thought it was going to be empty and I’d be able to sort of think and regroup privately and go through my dream journals.  However, as I walked in through the front door a lot of my extended family was there, about eight to ten of them including close family friends. All sitting on a long approximately ten person length off-white cushy looking sofa, faced away from the door and with a lil walkway gap in the middle of it.  Everyone was seated and had just finished watching some news on the small flat screen TV in front of the sofa set on a modern darker wood stand.

I was wearing my same favorite thin blue hoodie that I’d worn to bed, with the hood up and over my head.  My hair was a mess and I had no makeup on.  I felt a lil silly being so schlocky, but figured ‘oh well, not like I’m here to go on a date or anything and they are just family.’   I semi-apologized saying I was sorry for just walking in on everybody and I didn’t know they would be there. 

My cousin, Roxanne, came over to me as I took down my hoody revealing my super messy hair.  We walked over toward the kitchen as she began to ask me if it was ok for the family to move back into this vacation home.  I said, “Of course, its your home anyways.” They owned it and let the rest of us use it as a vacation spot.  She continued, “because then it won’t be usable as a vacation home anymore.”  I again told her that was fine, as it was after all their home. 

She began to tell me more about why they wanted to move into the house because of how much better they liked the neighborhood, as it was so much safer. I saw images of the neighborhood as if looking at a large view screen and saw what reminded me of suburbia Roseville, CA , with very clean and wide streets lined with perfect spring green colored trees.  I responded, “Yeah, I can see why you’d want to move here.  It’s definitely safer.”  It felt they were moving from a more inner city type neighborhood.  Not too bad, but definitely didn’t want to leave the doors unlocked and theft seemed common.

My aunt added they were thinking to move in permanently and not use it just as a transition type home.  I put my hoody back over my head to cover my super messy hair and apologized for my appearance and said I’d have cleaned up better had I known they’d all be there.  Roxanne again reassured me it was ok.

I realize then, how can I be in Roseville in California, when I went to bed in Colorado. 

I told my Aunt Claire, “I think this may be a dream state experience.”  Meaning, I was either a ghost visiting them and they only thought I was actually there, or it was them meeting with me in this dream setting to tell me pertinent information about something.

Suddenly realized I might not know where “here” is, if this was a dream state.  So, I asked my Aunt, “Where is here? . . . Roseville, CA?”  She responded, “No, Hawaii.”  I said, “Whoa, ok, this definitely has got to be a dream state.” It seemed they’d all just finished listening to the latest Hawaii Eruption report on the flat screen TV.  Aunt Claire proceeded to talk about the volcano status saying, “It’s getting really bad.” and even that the volcano had destroyed the entire island.   I said, “Wait! What? When? How?!” I again commented, “I still don’t know if I’m in 3D right now or a dream state.”  Aunt Claire looked at me perplexed because she thought everything was a real 3D experience and setting.

I looked again at the sofa and it was now solid all the way across. I said, “I’m definitely in a dream state the sofa has no gap now!” Aunt Claire was starting to become a little aware now and curious, but still largely thinking everything ‘real’ as she stated, “The sofa has always been like this.” I then got to thinking and stated, “Maybe it’s one of those Mandela timeline shift things.”  But, I wasn’t convinced so I followed that up with, “Either way (just in case the event hasn’t happened yet), I need you to tell me everything you know about the volcano and why it destroyed the island (erupted). I need to know what the geologists, surveyors, or news reporters said and if they gave any reason why this thing blew up and if they said anything at any point in time like, “it blew up because of ‘this’ or ‘that’ and had we just known about ‘this’ and ‘done this’ it would have stopped it from destroying the island.” 

I asked for some paper and a clipboard of Aunt Claire so I could take note.  I mentioned, even though this is likely a dream state and I can’t take my notes back to 3D, that this would still help me with remembering upon waking, whole brain learning type stuff.  She understood. 

Aunt Claire made her way around to the backside of the sofa where I was standing with the clipboard and standard white printer paper clipped on it, along with a blue G2 pen, like I use to document my dreams.    We both sat on the floor Indian style together.

I looked at the blank pages in front of me and they suddenly began to fill up now with things that looked very musical-notes like. Dozens and dozens all over the page.  But, more like big Mickey Mouse black ears for notes and what looked like an outline of a dog kong toy to me.     I told her we have to hurry so I can use at least one sheet before they all fill up.  I knew for sure I was dreaming now as this was typical to when I tried to write in my dream journal in dreams. I always had trouble finding a blank journal to write in. 

Aunt Claire mused about this and lifted the one blank sheet I had left on top on the clipboard to look at the backside of it and I said, “Uh-oh, you prob shouldn’t have done that.” low and behold when she put the sheet down it too had filled up with the same musical notes and dog kong shapes, leaving one small space for me to write near the top right corner.  I said, “Go ahead and tell me what’s going on and I’ll write it before it all fills in!”

Aunt Claire began to speak, “It’s because of two reasons the volcano destroyed the island.”  It seemed it’d either sunk into the ocean or to about ¾ up the volcano mountain leaving just a ¼ peak tip sticking up above the ocean waters and nothing else. She continued, “Its because of the DNA of the people” I realized now who she was to me in 3D, “and because of the child sacrifices. They were screwing around with the DNA by doing that.  Had those not been done the island would not have been sunk into the ocean or been otherwise destroyed.”  This was basically the energetic result of those poor choices by the people and their DNA codes had then instituted the resultant downfall and destruction.  The child sacrifices opened up portals. 

I was looking over my sheets again and feeling like Tom Hanks with the tattoos on the face in Cloud Atlas and like the kid in 6th Sense as the person seeing the numbers, signs, shapes, and brings them back to the ‘real’ world for humanity to make different choices and thereby alter and change the outcome, destiny, and fate altogether. 

I then transitioned into another dream sequence.

In Waking 3D Life , I shared this dream with my respective “Aunt” knowing it was a message to her from herself on the other side.  I was informed that this was a walk into another timeline where an element was being pulled from that timeline and brought back into this timeline to create the optimal timeline and whereby the destruction seen there would not happen here, because of the gleaning of the message. The message is for the people here to keep doing what they are doing, waking up and handling those who have messed with the DNA and perform horrible things on children.  These positive acts to expose the bad acts of others prevent the resultant negative energies of destruction. 

This dream also coincides almost exactly with two image I sent to Sphere Being Alliance by email on November 20, 2017 that match (see below) Dr Michael Salla’s May 15, 2018 article image for the Volcano Eruption.  I came across the odd shaped rock first on one of my trail walks and felt I was to take a photo of it, so I did.  I later saw the Pandora song “Flashed Junk Mind” by Milky Chance that matched my highly unusual rock shape and that song image appears to be an inverse and mirrored version of the lava geothermal tubes and image.  

So, I will share now respectively my note with humanity on “How to Stay Safe.”  It is never about focusing on the negative or dwelling on the negative, It is always about focusing on what brings you joy, peace, love, and feelings of passion and the trajectory life path that takes you on.  

People ask all the time, “what can they do?” to make a difference. . . its as simple and complex as this: be happy . . .

The happier you are (joy), the more synchronicities you see.  (YouTube Milky Chance Song)   (May 15, 2018 - Dr Michael Salla Hawaii Volcano Article – note the 90% and 11:11 time.  Like a positive inverse 911)

How to stay safe . . . Be happy. . .

The choices made when happy, are different than those made when sad.  Think of it like a trajectory from a point. When you change the initial trajectory by one degree from the original path, in time, your new trajectory takes you very far from where you would have ended up originally. Agreed?

Thereby, changing little choices in a day changes your day and ultimately your entire life trajectory. 

Stopping to notice and smell a flower, because it brings you joy,  just may ultimately save your life because in that moment you've moved one degree. 

So, ask yourself in each moment and with each choice you make:

"Does this choice bring me joy?"

You'll know by your body response. . . Do you light up and feel alive and full of energy (joy), or do you feel a sinking energy drop and super tired (sad). 

Paths chosen each moment in joy follow a different trajectory than those chosen in sadness.

This is why it is so important to "follow your bliss."  Where do you feel bliss? What activities in your day bring you feelings of bliss? Do you know what it means to feel bliss? Have you felt bliss before? How did you recognize it?

When I protect others in dreams, it is Love (joy/bliss) that wells up inside of me and emanates out changing and protecting.

This you must learn to do for yourself in order to 'save yourself' and thereby step into your own power.

As Mr. Goode has stated; 'You are the one you have been waiting for' and like our galactic family, I am here to help every step of the way.

I love you. 

Ari Stone

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2018_04_27_APR Time Portal Travel - President

April 27, 2018


Main Q: Show me what I most need to know right now and (Secondary) may need to publically share


I was in the kitchen in my home looking at my toes.  Each one was bandage wrapped with white tape.  I gently lifted the bandage tape from my right middle toe and the toenail almost came off.  I had jammed it sometime prior and half was black and blue.  I quickly put the bandage wrap back down to let it continue to heal.

I found myself planning to have a movie non-date date night with some guy.  We were going to watch old mysteries, that vibed of being 50’s type shows.  It was to remember . . . .

Prior this non-date, movie date night . . .

I was in another place.  Another time. People were after me to kill me.  I had secret service men helping me to escape.  I didn’t fully know why or understand at first what was really going on.  One of the secret service men had a slight Dan Aykroid look, only younger, different, more handsome, and in his early 40’s. 

We were in some kind of place filled with tubes.  Tubes for portalling to other places, times, and locations. Dan grabbed my right hand, while the other secret service guy brought up the rear. We had cabal style leaders coming after us with death threats!  Dan quickly said to me, “Except for you! Come with me!”  I still didn’t fully understand.  I knew we had to get out of there right away and it was urgent!  We began to run.  I knew I was being extra special protected for some reason. 

The cabal group sent to kill me was close in tow, though just out of visual range. They wanted to slaughter me with the rest of the prisoners Auschwitz style in their gun-fire lineup.  I ran with Dan as he kept on saying to me, “Come with me Sir.  This way Sir. Over here Sir.” it seemed we were inside a type of Tron video game style world.  We ran into and through a flat circular 2D portal entry that then funneled us into the 3-dimensional tube.  We came out at our next destination.  All the portal realms seemed black with dark almost black purples.  It was hard to see anything beyond the 10 to 20 feet immediately around us.  It was inky black. But, the purple gently glowed and lit up the realm to see just enough in front of and around ourselves to run at a brisk pace.

We entered another time travel tube portals realm with what may have had a catwalk overlook.  We ran onto it. I could more feel than see all the time travel tubes criss-crossing and zig-zagging around. The space was semi-large, as if in a warehouse building.  There must have been at least 20 time portal tubes.  We stopped on the overlook and began to throw some type of energy matter like ping-pong balls back and forth with the cabal followers for a few minutes in order to protect ourselves.  They wanted to capture me and force me to take a magik potion of some type to make me forget the secret service guy I was running with and why I was running in the first place.  They wanted me in a drugged up stupor so they could control me. 

We began to run again as quickly as we could, yet I was not winded and now Dan very intensely stated, “Except for you . . .” He’d been directing other secret service men where to go from the overlook, “. . .Mr. President . . .” (like I was Trump or something) “come this way with me  . . . and don’t screw this up.” The other secret service men ran different directions towards an array of different tubes.

Dan and I ran and entered a separate time portal tube together from the messed up future timeline.  I felt my body again flatten into a 2D silhouette shape and then sort of suck-bend into the portal as we entered and went through it. Inside the tube my energetic form stretched and bent with the tube flow. I felt like a 2-dimensional silhouette person going down a water park slide on a raft.

We popped out into another major time portal tube access location.  My form finished bending and stretching as it exited the tube and re-organized back into my traditional 3D seemingly solid matter state as I popped out.  Dan’s form did the same.   The time portal access places gently reminded me of airports and train stations, only no people and still inky blackness. I looked again and now we’d multiplied into there being four of us.  We’d somehow divided even further into being more people from within the tube. The four of us began to run up stairs together.  Dan and I now seemed to be one, but still two separate people. The other two with us were like inky black and purple versions of human forms and they also seemed to be partially me.  They were female twins that stood slightly taller than myself and were approaching the 6 foot mark. They were inky, blob like, yet also human form, but not fully formed humans. Their forms were more gelatinous or like the thick black inkiness of the time portal access realms along with being made up of the same dark purple glowing accents.  They were solid, but more like semi-liquid silver solder when melted and flowing on stained glass fluxed foil. With features not fully formed or developed.  They seemed to be cousins or aunts, but ultimately twin decoys.  They had less consciousness and were more like ‘space fillers’ than whole and actual beings. This was by design to trick those running after us into thinking they were us due to my partial energies animating them and instead they’d follow ‘the sister.’  

Dan was still holding my hand as we ran up the stairs with the two sisters now also running between us.

There was neon green glow-in-the-dark tape lining the stairs that felt to be the same advanced conscious nano-technology that healed me in another dream where parts of me had somehow been blown off and skin chunks were missing.  I now felt the nano-tech again on me, first on one of my right hand’s fingers, then a larger constituency on my right ribcage area.  It felt very warm, inviting, comforting . . . and . . . I remembered.

Dan let go of my hand and ushered me to run now in front of him as he directed the twins into another time portal tube. The sisters were a ‘glitch’ in the matrix. 

Dan was now planning to take another tube in order to further distract and confound the cabal stalkers.  He directed me into yet another flat circular 2D entrance portal to a 3D slide tube. This entry was like the others and also had a yellow-gold 2D trim indicator circle ring that ran around the lip of the entire opening, as though lined with gold leaf approximately three inches in width and that ran around the entire circle, like a ribbon, where the portal opened. The portal itself seemed closer to eight or ten feet in diameter.

As I ran through the portal and did the 2D suction and bends again, I realized I was somehow this world’s President-to-be and somehow their final hope.  I had to succeed with my mission and to ‘remember’ who I was at just the right moment. . .

The tube took me to what was my distant past. I was in a time I thought of as the 1950’s era, antiquated, outdated, quaint, severely lacking in technology . . . I was in . . . today . . .

I was inside ‘my house’ and inside my master bedroom planning a non-date movie date night with my male friend.  I wasn’t sure if we were dating or only friends.  We spoke on the phone and planned to watch a lot of ‘old’ movies together. . . to remember . . . some felt to be shows like the Bates Motel and other Alfred Hitchcock films, while others felt to be shows like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  I didn’t want to watch these shows alone, so I invited my guy friend to join me and he said, “sure.”  

My non-date date arrived.  It was time to make the popcorn that we’d sit and eat together in bed while watching these old horror shows together . . .

. . . to remember . . . 

. . . and maybe . . . just maybe . . . if things went well during the non-date, date night  . . . maybe we’d be more than just friends . . . as we . . . remembered . . .

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2018_03_14_MAR Protecting Lilly from the Sniper Bunny Eaters – Going Home and Reinforcements Arrive

©2018 Ari Stone All Rights Reserved


Protecting Lilly from the Sniper Bunny Eaters  – Going Home and Reinforcements Arrive


I was at a place again doing things to fix and change stuff. I had someone tell me, “Did you know ‘Disgusting’ spelled backwards is ‘Grandioso’?”  I was surprised to learn this as I’d never realized this before.  I was trying to reverse it in my mind to see if it was correct, but could only see how the letter “G” connected, but the rest connected too.

I was outside now, at a desert like place with Boulder rocks.  I was jogging.  I had let my short-haired brown and grey Mini Lop pet bunny “Lilly” outside to play and stretch her legs here a little while before my jog.  I knew this wasn’t my Lilly bunny from Waking 3D Life (W3DL).  It was my Twin Flame, in disguise again.

I looked up and off in the distance and saw a man on the top of the Cliffside around 100 feet above our position and looking down toward us. I quickly decided I’d better grab up Lilly right now and take her back inside with “Orin” my Lion Head pet bunny.  Whom, I also knew wasn’t my “Orin” from W3DL.  It was my TF Gorik’s coworker, Andrew.   

I jogged over to where Lilly was across the sparse desert grass covered ground.  I looked around some, we appeared to be in a Colorado Mesa like setting with boulder rocks spackled around intermittently on the ground. I was briefly reminded of my old Markham Middle School’s mile-run dirt trail section set above the soccer/football field.  This guy vibed of the bald-melted-face-head-guys from the ICC prison Gorik and I escaped from in the ‘2018_01_09_JAN Escaping the ICC Prison with My Twin Flame’ dream. This guy on the hilltop seemed a sniper to me.

A Chinese guy was looking for me too. 

I presented myself as a ‘normal’ person, so as to look like an ordinary person while I was in a place where this sniper guy could spot me.  I felt his people were rabbit/bunny eaters.  I continued to make myself look like a silly ordinary girl (Like Sandra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping” passing herself off as the fiancé) with no really special abilities and as if I didn’t really know what was going on.  

I spotted Lilly again and quickly went over to her.  I was sure she’d do the usual bunny thing and try to run away from me and hide, but she didn’t she stayed put and let me scoop her up.  As I held her in her preferred “C” bunny baby hold position, her left hind leg did the nervous shake thing.  I quickly gave her a kiss on the head between her ears, held her close, and acted like my ‘normal’ walking took me close to and then behind a boulder just large enough to hide us behind it from the sniper’s view. It was approximately two to three feet wide and four feet tall.  I crouch-sat behind it with Lilly and peeked around.  I could see the sniper-like guy looking in my direction.  He seemed to have spotted me, but he didn’t know if I was solo or not. I could tell by his expression and energies he didn’t realize I had the bunny.  I tucked my head back behind the boulder, waiting.

I peered around the boulder discretely twice more waiting till the “smith-like-agent” (ICC – Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) guy was distracted. He was looking for a clear shot of me. He was hesitant though because he wasn’t certain I was down below anymore.

I held Lilly close and told her I would protect her from the mean man and gave her another kiss on her head.  She trusted me, though she didn’t really seem to know or understand the real danger she was in or what I was protecting her from.  She had just been frolicking in the desert field and grasses . . . playing . . . with no clue “the family” (Chinese Mafia or Asian Mafia sector of some sort) were after her.

I sighed and started to stand up now with Lilly still hidden from view.  The smith-like-agent guy seemed to spot me, but he wasn’t convinced I was the one he was looking for.  He still thought me some silly girl, so I kept playing that “appear as a silly girl” game.  I finished quickly rolling Lilly up in the bottom half of my grey knit sweater top like a baby and stood up fully.  I glanced up quickly at the sniper guy, he wasn’t watching me directly at the moment.

I briefly thought of those red Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers and Bougainvillea.  I quickly turned my head and face away from the sniper-guy’s direction.  He was like the Chinese Master guy in the Karate Kid films. He squinted his eyes and turned his head toward me to look at me directly just as I looked away and then directly and intentionally strode the last 50 feet or so to ‘my house’ like a ‘silly girl.’

It was my parents’ house actually and made of a lot of glass. Most of the walls were made up of a lot of windows for people to see inside.  But not too much, as they were tinted some and slightly mirrored to the outside world, I could feel the guy watching me.  He was still uncertain about me.  I opened and went inside the main entry door with glass on it, closed it, and promptly locked it.

I continued to hide Lilly from view and keep my back turned with her, just in case.  Then, it felt more clear, so I set her down in the dining or living room area of our mansion-like house. We were wealthy and had an underground section of the home too. I decided I’d better not leave Lilly in the dining or living room areas as she’d probably poop or pee on the rugs wherever she was, since she wasn’t really all that well trained.

I again expected her to run away as I tried to grab her up, but again she surprised me and just waited as I picked her up. 

I could feel the sniper was on his way down now to get a closer look.  It felt someone had phoned or radioed him telling him it was me, so he was semi-coming now. I walked with Lilly away from the living room area and down the hallway to the blue room and set her down again with Orin.

Everything in the office room was heavily-medium-blue-colored and was a corner room of the house with two street facing walls that were windowed.  Each wall had 3 main window panel sections that covered the height of the wall and were separated by wall support spacers and between the windows and the much narrower spacers ran the full length of the walls.  I saw cars immediately outside on the city surface streets at the traffic light just off the sidewalk that wrapped immediately around the sides and corner of our house.  It reminded me of when I was in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as part of a school program I was taking many years ago. We seemed to live in the middle of a very big city and maybe even in Kaohsiung itself or somewhere in China.  Wherever we were, it felt very connected with the Karate Kid style and stuff.  

Orin was extremely glad to see Lilly again and they both ran around very excited and playful. 
I looked out the windows even more to ensure they were safe. Everyone on the city sidewalks and waiting in cars at the intersection light, all seemed like normal ‘fleas’ on the dog’s back just going about their bug business with no clue about what creature they were really on or why they were doing the things they were doing.  They were just doing their tasks and living what they thought was life.
I thought briefly, ‘we must have bullet proof windows’ as it was odd to me to have a house with so many windows right in the heart of the city and people could sorta ‘just look in,’ but not too much and most were too busy anyways to bother. No one was looking in now.

I glanced around the blue office-study room that was also Orin and Lilly’s usual home to make sure the room was safe. The fifteen by twenty foot room was small and cozy, but spacious for the bunnies. It had library shelves on one of the non-windowed walls and a nice heavy cherry or dark honey colored wood office desk more in the middle of the room, with a fancy dark burgundy leather chair. Next to those and more nearer the library shelves, was a significantly smaller and far lower budget laptop desk.  

Satisfied the room was safe and no one was hiding in it or behind the door, I backed out the room entrance telling Orin and Lilly, “Ok, there you go. You stay in there for now to remain safe, Ok?.” It really wasn’t a question.  Both seemed oblivious about the bunny eaters likely on their way.  I was still a little worried and concerned.  It felt we needed more reinforcements, or rather, to join forces with others so as not to just be the eight of us with my family living here.  We had a lot of room to share in this huge mansion and didn’t really need a place this big for just ourselves. 

I headed back toward the main living room entry area as I thought about what my daughter Lexie told me earlier about her friend never wanting to live alone because of being so used to living with so many others in her large family. I entered the main living room area and looked out the glass windows again at the top of the hillside where the sniper-guy had been standing. 

I could feel he was he was on his way down now and was going to offer me a pink and white, one layer, yellow wedding cake with lots of frosting on it; to try to distract me from protecting Lilly.  “They” didn’t seem as interested in Orin.  

My eyes darted around the room and passed the escalator (having to do with time slides and moving forward and backward in time) in the middle of the room that lead down to the underground area and back across the main entry areas and back to the main door about fifteen paces away.  I looked around the room again, just to make sure it was still safe. 

Suddenly, there were eight to ten people standing in the room with me and they hadn’t seemed to come in through the front door. 

They felt to arrive via a Harry Potter style Port Key like a boot, only it felt they’d used the skull key from the Sith Lord dream that we’d stolen back and escaped the floods with it in our possession.  It was also like the key the shark-guy had used to access his world through the glass windows in order to take me with him.  This group of people had portalled in near the living room and front door.  
Outside this portion of the house’s windows it looked like the outdoor section of Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, CA with a tropical vibe. Almost as if this section of the home was set in Hawaii. This crew of people reminded me strongly of the Harry Potter Alliance good guys crew.  

A girl from the crew came over to where I was near the escalator and told me “they” were onto them and her crew now in our mansion were there to join forces with us, live with us, and ‘fight’ with us. They all appeared to be of black ascent and even African royalty with tall rectangular hats.  She proceeded to tell me the Chinese family (likely mafia sector) was after them to kill them.  I wasn’t fully sure about this crew, but felt them to be ok. Time would reveal all.  For now, we all did need each others’ help.

I was mostly concerned that their energies were still that of ‘fighting’ in the killing-style way.  Technically, they were the ‘good guys’ but they were still as of yet unawares of what they were really doing when they ‘fought’ and ‘killed’ another.  They didn’t realize they were still going about it all wrong and behaving just like the bad guys.  I realized I would have to teach them the proper ways of love and light. . . and winning . . . without fighting.

I received them into our home, but let them know they still had to meet and pass my dad’s approval as technically this was he and my mom’s home.  My dad would be the final ‘say-so’ in the matter and mom would give her advice and input at that time.

The crew understood and they were relieved they could stay for the time being. It felt like the Harry Potter scene just prior the Voldemort guy ruining the big fun event with all the tents and fun carnival-like living and games scene.  

I felt they would be staying for a ‘long time’ and that we still had the rest of the ‘shows’ to live through to reach the other side and end of the drama story.  It felt we’d all be working together now as a team and joined forces for good, with more reinforcements on the way . . .


This dream connects with the SES group (Lockheed Martin - MK Ultra - deep state at surface state levels)... More in my next blog....where I refer to this group as MIGs (Men In Grey) because I didn't yet know who this group was or about the SES until a friend shared the following link. 

Watch this YT video in the meantime and read the links included.

"The Deepest of the State 100% revealed - Senior Exectutive Service Governing Counsel 500 Exposed"

By Woke Americans
Published March 23, 2018

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Monday, March 26, 2018

2018_01_04_JAN Dark Entity - Extraction, Adding Light, Reintegration

Another FB post I am now publicly sharing.

Lesson 1.4: Extraction, Adding Light, Reintegration

2018_01_04_JAN Dark Entity - Extraction, Adding Light, Reintegration 

I found myself with a small group of about a dozen people in what felt like a cozy home based church-group meeting. The group sat in a loose circle on the floor as if around a campfire. The pastor, Ken, appeared as a 35 year old male with light golden honey brown color hair. My friend, Ginger, was sitting next to me on the floor to my left when Ken approached her. He reached out and grabbed her thumb on her left hand. She didn’t really want him to do that, but it was more important to her to be polite and so she let him. Ken began to say a prayer of some sort and Ginger and I were like, ‘Whatever . . . . Christians’ . . . lol!

Ken then felt guided of the Holy Spirit to pull, and pull, and pull, on Gingers thumb, to extract an evil spirit from her. Her arm was now being wretched forward and elongated some in the process and she quickly became very freaked and looked wide-eyed like a deer in the headlights. She began to try to pull away out of his grip, but the pastor held on tight. I intervened verbally and said, “She does not like that . . . Let her go.” Ken continued to keep pulling. He was pulling very firm and also gentle too at the same time, reminding me of a chiropractor trying to put a bone back in the socket. Ken now began to turn-rotate her arm and said, “I’m trying to turn her arm to see if I can get into place. I felt guided to try something.” My friend was incredibly freaked out now, so I physically intervened this time and gently touched the top of Ken’s hands and firmly made him stop and break away. I calmly said, “That’s not the way.” I knew now what was coming next . . . because he had now conjure-called for the entity to come up and out.

Ken moved to stand behind me and to my left. Ginger stood up and also moved behind me and just in front of the pastor. The black entity was coming up now to get out and have revenge on the pastor for ‘hurt-pulling’ on her (Ginger’s) arm. As the entity came to the foreground Ginger’s consciousness she began acting like Golem from Lord of the Rings and was threatening the pastor in that ‘my precious’ Golem sort of way. I stood up now and went and stood between she and the pastor.

I looked down at my hands and fingers. My fingers curled up like long wizard fingers from an equally elongated palm with smooth skin. The tips of my fingers and finger nails had a very pointy look, reminiscent to Enetka’s hands for the DreamWalker Magik series. Ginger was now muttering and saying all kind of weird words and hunkering down threatening to attack Ken. I boomed out clearly now in my sacred tongue and language saying words like “carunesh” and so on and so forth and ‘wrote’ over the top of this ‘creature’ and it’s language. I then ordered it, “Out Now,” like in my 2 shadow beings I converted into a tent dream. I continued speaking and sucked the black essence out with my palms and then into my right palm.

It was a black sphere of light based matter and perfectly spherical. It seemed to hover just above touching my palm. I made a claw-like bone cage around it by placing my left hand above it, also in a cupped shape with very taunt muscles. I continued to speak to the black essence comforting and reassuring it as though speaking to a scared mouse. As I continued speaking both ‘to’ and ‘at’ it I was simultaneously reassuring it I would not harm it, but help it. I spoke from my belly (gut) essence to its essence. Ginger’s physical form was standing in stasis behind me as Ken looked on to learn. I continued to speak deeply, clearly, and firmly. Now the black energy sphere knew it was time and was ready for the next phase. I continued to speak and white light sparkles entered into the dark creatures spherical form prepping it for the real work and the full transition. It lit and sparkled in about 15 to 30 different spots, like small starlight. I initially kept the light quantity to no more than 30. This was to protect the creature form from being overwhelmed with too much light all at once. I had however, given it the optimal (maximum) amount of light it could handle.

The black creature now gave me its nod of approval that it was ready for the next phase.

I removed my left hand from above the top of the black energy creature and was now cupping it with both hands under it. I began to gently blow on it the Breath of Life. The black energy began to softly glow black-blue and then began to flower out making me think of a Lotus flower, but only having the base-protector type leaf petals. The center was still the black sphere and it was attached to the flower type walls now and had around 11 black and extremely thick leaf-petals running around the circumference of its base that came about 1/3 of the sphere. The petals were extremely thick and even pyramidal in shape and reminded me more of an Aloe Vera Succulent plant. I continued to blow on it, focusing on a individual petals. One of the thick petals began to light up sunny yellow, another thick petal green, then a subtle glowing shade of purple lit the rest of the black-blue petal areas. I smiled, the creature was starting to feel joy. I took another deep inhale and exhaled further on the black creature form and it now lit up orangish, this time the glow included the central sphere. It glowed a semi-vibrant dark subtle shade of orange and then settled into a burnt umber color with a subtle orange glow. It largely still appeared black all the way around, the colors were very dark yet.

We both knew it was now time for the next phase.

I bent my knees and went into a gentle squat position as I lowered my hands like a catapult with the black lotus-like energy matter resting gently on top of my right palm and then gave a lift-launch up and released the matter off my hands. It went up above all our heads, spread out like a thin sheet, stopped, and hovered above our heads around 8 to 10 feet above the floor. It formed itself into a squarish mist-like cloud that reminded me of the chemtrail blankets we get sprayed with. I waited a few moments longer, letting it sort of take a rest for a moment. Then, I raised up my arms into the air in what looked like a wide receiving hug formation and called back the dark matter energy to me. This time I treated it as though my wayward son in need of a long overdue and much needed fatherly hug and my fatherly love. The black mist then coalesced and came down and entered into my form as though in a funnel being vacuum sucked inside of me. It entered through my hands and what felt to also be the top of my head. I took it into my own essence and I cleansed it even further from within my own form.

I looked around and spotted Ginger now laying down on the floor. I knew I must return her energy back to her form. I moved to stand by her side and placed my hands palm-face-down toward her body and chest area. I was now speaking in a much softer language of mine now, almost a whisper, as I released the dark energy matter back into her form. It came out through the palms of my hands and re-entered her form. It still looked very black, but this was indeed the optimal amount of cleanse she could safely handle and tolerate. I thought felt to myself, ‘So it shall be done, has been done, is done, and always shall be done.’ This seated the cleanse in all timelines, all dimensions, and versions of herself.

Ginger stood up, blinked a few times, and looked around at the world as if seeing it for the first time. But, not like she’d never seen the world. She was now seeing into other dimensions, or rather densities, for the first time. She was now seeing ‘matter’ and energies she had not noticed before and she was in awe of all the glory, beauty, and spender of the new found colors she could see, feel, touch (in essence) and now interact with.

Ken looked on wondering how I’d done it. I knew in time I could teach him this too. So long as he remained open minded and willing he could and would learn anything he was ready to learn and I could and would be able to teach him.

Then, I realized I needed to wake and write all of this.

I thought I was awake and was looking around on the now brown “L” shaped sofa that was there for my current journal to write in. Ken had since sat in my spot and pulled out a really old journal of mine (like my 1st one from 2006 with the dream likely related to Nibiru) and said “is this it?” I was very unhappy by this point and very flustered and I glared at him like, ‘please common sense here! I need one not written in!’ I then seemed to roll my eyes at him. I was now finding about a dozen other dream journal I’d already written in. All of them on the sofa and sort of in the cracks and I was just throwing them randomly at Ken and Ginger, not meaning to hit them, but just to get them out of the way. I was worried I might not recall my dream. I was getting more flustered and started to say “damn” A LOT (which is highly unusual for me to cuss, but rather entertaining to read it.) like “Where is the damn thing!?” and “Why isn’t the damn thing here!?” and “I know I left the damn thing here where is the damn thing!?” I prob did this about eight or nine times, in a variety of sentence structures.

The pastor decided to ask me some questions about the cleanse and I grumbled to him, “I don’t usually talk until AFTER I have written my dream experience (due to recall) and I gave him a glaring look of ‘you idiot.’ But, I really wasn’t mad and didn’t mean to be rude. I was mostly doing it because I didn’t want to hear him or anyone else act like I was ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’ for not knowing where I’d put my journal in the first place. So if I got angry and upset about it first, it would avert the others from treating me like I messed up in their eyes, because I was already mad about it so they wouldn’t have to get mad at me because I was already mad and frustrated about ‘messing up.’ So no one said anything to me about not finding my journal and they didn’t ask me any more questions. Lol

I finally found my journal and seemed I wrote the experience in it and then realized my daughter had also been there watching, observing, and learning too the whole time. I made my way over to her all smiles again having successfully recorded my dream and held hands with my her and began encouraging her that she too could do these things.

I then thought I woke again and heard my sister-in-law call my brother’s name twice and realized I was still asleep.

Then, I actually did wake up and I listened intently to see if I could hear her calling my brother in actual Waking 3D Life. I did not.

I then documented this dream and finished recording around 11:07am

Monday, March 19, 2018

2017_06_16_JUN Handling Shadow People in Love - 2011_11_04_NOV Removal Black Energies

Private FB post shared March 14, 2018

Lesson 1: Handling Shadow People in Love

In this dream, I wasn’t allowed to use my “ordinary” magik methods. This was done so I would find a method anybody could use to dispel black magik beings . . . And so I did.

June 16, 2017

“What does my Galactic Family of Love and Light want me to know most right now?”

In my dream . . .

I was in bed in a hotel room with Annie and her husband Ted also in bed next to me. Ted was sleeping on the far right. As I lay there, I felt etheric relations with my Twin Flame (TF) and he and I we were chatting about things. Annie next to me in bed under the covers said “You know you’re not supposed to be like that with a married man,” I said “yeah, I know” and reminded her I didn’t ask for this to be the situation once I found him in 3D and then reminded her she was married too and also interacting etherically with her TF in the same fashion, which was not Ted. Then Annie said to me, “What if he’s a demon you’re having relations with? I was like “WHAT!?” and quickly ‘checked myself’ and then said, “I am fine and I am NOT having intimate relations with a demon. Why would you even say that? That’s very mean. Just plain mean, mean, mean, mean. How would you feel if I said that about you and your TF connection?” Annie realizing I was right, sort of apologized to me, although I could tell she wasn’t fully convinced.

Restlessly I fell back asleep in to bed next to her and dreamed I had a dream.

I was looking for my Twin Flame down by the beach. Then, I found him and he transitioned into being two black shadow people “demon” person and his form disappeared. I looking at the ocean and the sun went all the way down. It was dark. I tried to use my magik to raise the sun back up, but it didn’t work.

Then, I was on a small row-boat dinghy, about a football-field-length from shore. Two black shadow demons were sitting across from me. I tried something at first as they tried to scare me, then I realized . . . just laugh. So I started to laugh and point at them saying, “OMG! Seriously! You have GOT to be kidding me.?” as I tried to get them to laugh with me and do something much more fun and exciting than try to ‘scare’ people like me. Then, “You guys are TOO funny!” I was trying to get them to have some fun with me instead and to do something different. I continued to laugh and laugh trying to get them to play with me. They were HORRIFIED with their utter failure of attempts to scare me and thoroughly disgusted! They completely left and dropped back into their lower vibration reality before I could do anything else to them! LOL. They couldn’t leave fast enough!

Then, I was back in bed with Annie and Ted. I was sweating and waking up within the dream from the dream. Annie awoke and rolled over to me and I said, “Yeah, see now, I just had a dream where I had to deal with ‘them’ because of what you said. I knew that was gonna happen! Please don’t ever say stuff like that again, ok?” and “It’s really insulting.” Annie realizing she was wrong then rolled back over to sleep.

Unable to sleep, I got out of bed and sat on the floor next to the bed and nightstand and began fishing around inside the drawer. I found what looked like green taffy candy about two inches in diameter. It had a whitish see-through wrapper sort of stuck melted onto it, as though already been chewed. I pulled the taffy out thinking I was going to throw it away when instead I put it in my mouth and chewed! It was a yummy green apple taffy flavor. Suddenly realizing, only God knows who chewed this thing before, I was like ‘what the heck am I doing! WTF, why did I put that back into my mouth!’ I was now trying to get the block out of my mouth and into a tissue. I got most of it out, just as Annie rolled over into my spot on the bed. I woke her up saying, “Hey that’s my spot and I’m still sleeping there.” Annie promptly rolled back over into her spot. I then got out my dream journal and back into bed.

Annie woke up and rolled back over to faced me. I opened up my dream journal diary and showed her a little picture drawing of another book with a tagline inside it that read “LAUGH SECTION.” I was showing her the book that belonged to the black demons and what they’d written about their experience with me. They’d made special note in this section of their diary so they would be reminded to NEVER go back there again and to avoid it entirely! To them, the “laugh section” was EXTREMELY SCARY! These demons felt to have a government-CIA-black-opps-type vibe. Annie told me again to be careful so as not to endanger my TF. I replied, “Of course, I already know that. I love him and we are protected.” I felt some fear-worry but I reminded myself it was my job to hold the spaces of pure love and light energies for him to walk into. Annie apologized again and then rolled back over to sleep. Ted was asleep the entire time.

I began feeling my TF energetically back on me in bed. Worried I checked to ensure it was really him and not an imposter trying to take his place. Satisfied it was still him, I empathed to him, I love him and we shared some more energy and then I woke up.

This next dream in linear time I had over 5 years “before” I had my Twin Flame shadow people dream. I feel this dream connects and is what I ultimately did with these shadow people. Both dreams had “two” shadow people and in both dreams I was also looking to find my twin flame.

Below is the raw typed dream

Friday Nov 4, 2011

5:30 a.m. DREAM

Removal of black energies

2 human looking beings walked up to me. They were possessed of black energies. Both beings had solid black eyes (like the way my eyes looked with the wrong kind of “color” lenses in).

I waved raised my left hand in the air and said “stop”. Looking them both directly in the eyes, I had no fear. I then waved my hand across both about 2-3 ft. away and said “out” “now” very firmly. Then I quickly decided in my mind, 'what do I do with them? Can't just get them out without changing them into something better...they still need a purpose'. I may have repeated it again “Get out now” and immediately (really after only the 1st time they did it).

The black energy came out, the human forms seemed to dissipate or walked away.

I then said... “Get into this ball of light” and and they did “and be transformed into the light” and they were. I then converted the energies into a tent. The energies felt such strong love there was also sexual tension desires. I then said upon setting the tent down (as it was trying to have sex with “If you behave and are good I may have sex with someone inside you.” Indicating I first needed to find my twin flame to do that. This calmed the “tent”, which now love and had a bond with me, and I walked off.